8 Best Honeymoon Places in Karnataka

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The honeymoon is the most integral part of a couples life as it deals with the bonding of a couple just after their marriage. In this context the right honeymoon spot can prove to be an integral part of the bonding process. Right after marriage it takes time for the entire reality to sink in that the couple is now bonded for life and this is why a honeymoon is so necessary, as with the marriage arrangements and everything coinciding with the marriage can be a strenuous few months therefore well deserved break is good for the couple.


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Coorg or kodagu district is a beautiful part of Karnataka with lush greenery and a soothing atmosphere that separates this place from any other. After a stressed few months if you are looking for the ideal retreat for your newly pronounced spouse and yourself then this is the place you need to visit.


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Mysore is a vast traditional land with many temples and religious sites. If your spouse and yourself are spiritual people who enjoy the sanctity of existence then this place can prove to be an ideal place to visit for your honeymoon. You can be sure you both will return much more stress free than before.


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Bangalore is the gem of India with the perfect climate all year round and the perfect scenery. By visiting Bangalore you will feel a long lost connection with nature thus allowing you and your spouse to calm your mind. Bangalore also has many tourist spots so that you both will never feel bored.


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Even today gokarna still remains a great spot to visit in India. Many tourists visit this place for its heritage every year. This place has an extremely peaceful feeling to it and will kindle the romance between you and your spouse.


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Hampi is another culturally rich part of India. India is well known for its diverse culture and that is why people from all over the world visit India. Hampi is testament to the fact that India has such a diverse culture to offer. With many places to visit and many sites to see it will surely be a memorable honeymoon for you and your spouse.


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If you feel to connect with your religious side of life then halebid is the perfect place for you. It will help cause that connection with the almighty in which you could earlier not complete. You will return a more religious and connected couple. Religion helps create understanding and halebid will help you create a bridge of understanding between you and your spouse.


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Romance is the key point of a honeymoon, it is the point at which a newlywed couple goes for their first vacation together, this helps strengthen the bond of marriage thus allowing the couple to connect in a better way. If you truly feel the need to connect then Mangalore is the place to visit. Its calm surrounding helps you understand each other in a better way.


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Kudremukh is the last scenic and honeymoon ready destination in india that is a must visit, it is also one of the most beautiful. With many forests to visit this place has proven to be one of the most agriculturally rich places in the world.

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