Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss

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We try every possible ways to lose weight. Straight from crash diets to intense work out to every other cream or oil that promises the elusive hour glass figure. But in the process we don’t respect our body and end up abusing it with sudden changes in our food structure and fat burning regimes that may leave our body confused and in a complete state of chaos. Not to mention the side-effects of the various chemical weight loss supplements available dime a dozen over the counter. Homeopathy can come as a welcome relief to help us lose weight.

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Homeopathy aims to go to the root cause of the problem to present a solution. They address the core issues and provide solutions to each of them individually.

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Appetite Suppressants:

The constant cravings and slow metabolism rate leads to a weight gain and sluggish metabolism. Homeopathic solution will aim to

  • Curb your appetite effectively, and
  • Promote faster metabolism of fat

The components of such a medicine would be

  • Thyroidinum which provides thyroid support.
  • Calcarea Carb to eliminate sluggishness and boost metabolism.
  • Graphites for preventing the snacking and craving tendencies.
  • Lycopodium Natrum and Sulphur for supporting the liver and improving the metabolism and digestion of fat.

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The body is laden with toxins if it is not properly cleansed. This leads to blockage and accumulation of metabolic byproducts in our systems, which are not properly excreted out. This puts a major stress upon the liver to function and clear out this mess. The slower metabolism rate also creates problems here and gives rise to fatigue. So a body cleanse with homeopathic ingredients would ensure that the system gets rid of these toxins effectively.
The components of improving liver health would be

  • Cholesterinum,
  • Nux Vomica,
  • Lycopodium,
  • Alpha Lipoic acids and
  • Juglans,

These will suck out the toxins from the system and also improve metabolism as well as cut out sugar cravings. Thus not only result in weight loss, but also give a clearer more glowing skin.

Not just these, homeopathy also has solutions for the kidney functioning and adipose tissue formation as well. They are however a more complex structure. A weight loss program can not function on only one aspect. The entire body must be conditioned towards the same goal and this is what homeopathy will do best without making you consume steroids of any kind.

Direct Weight Loss Medicines:

A dosage of Nat Phos for a week thrice daily would result in a weekly weight loss of about 2 to 3 pounds at least. To enhance the benefits of Nat Phos a wet dose of Arnica is permissible twice daily. This is a very potent mixture and has aided the weight loss for many people without any adverse effects.

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Dietary Rectifications:

Weight gain can be due to two very opposite reasons. It can happen out of

  • Poor nutrient content in the foods; or
  • Lack of secretion of necessary enzymes over age to digest the nutritive food.

Either ways the body signals the brain that the requisite nutrition is not received and so the body craves for more. Therefore it creates a pile of unutilized nutrients that cause weight gain.

Apart from this the body will also gain weight if the food is not suiting your system. We often ignore minor allergies which only surface when the damage is too deep. It is best to avoid certain foods or take metabolism inducing homeopathic solutions to prevent them from becoming a bane.

Homeopathy has a fool proof track record in weight gain word wide. It is known as a safe medicine with almost no side effects compared to the popular prescription drugs available over the counter.

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