Top 10 Home Remedies for Pimples

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Pimples are acnes which are boil up on the skin due to its inflammation. They are sebaceous glands or oil glands which are infected with bacteria and that leads to swelling up of small spots on our face and are filled with pus. This is more common on oily skin due to an excess production of oil release which is not likely to come up on the normal or dry skin. These pimples are nightmares for all young girls and even more irritating for boys. Here are some treatments which you can do at home and heal naturally.


Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice has an astringent proper which helps the oil content to get absorbed and shrink the blemish. Wash the face with lemon juice before you go out under the sun. Try repeating it in every alternative day and soon you would see a drastic change in your skin.

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Tulsi or basil leaves help to get us rid of pimple. If you get fresh leaves or even dried ones, boil them in a cup of water and warm it till the residue is about 3 teaspoons. Apply the water on the face and let penetrate for about 10 minutes. Repeat at every alternative day.


Tomatoes have vitamin A which is an important ingredient for treating pimples. You can make a facial mask out of mashed tomatoes, cucumbers and bring back a healthy skin. This helps us to clean the pores and with the regular appliance removes acne permanently. Apply and keep for 10 minutes and wash off.

Cinnamon and Honey:

Use dried and roasted cinnamon for treating pimples. Make a paste with grinded cinnamon and honey and apply for almost every day if possible. They act as a great ingredient to clean the pollution and soothe down the pimples. Keep for 15 minutes and rinse.

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Green Tea:

Green tea is the best among all other types of tea. They help us to prevent cancer, kill germs and slow down oil production on skin. Mash a boiled carrot and add some brewed green tea to it. The vitamin A content in carrot along with the green tea ingredients which helps to keep pores small with gel well together and heal the pimples.

Aloe Vera:

You can simply get some aloe vera and break off to let the gel ooze out. Apple the gel on the pimples regularly and get back your lost charm. They not only reduce pimples but also give you a softer and clearer skin.


Sliced or grated potato can be applied on your pimple. You could also extract the juice and apply. The juice would be sticky and that would help to stay on the skin. Let it dry for about 10 minutes and then wash off. Your face will have bleached glow and spots will be lessened.

Raw Papaya:

Raw papaya gives an ayurvedic treatment for pimples. They sticky white milk which is extracted from the fruit is to be applied in the entire face and if you can practice if regularly your skin would have an everlasting glow, along with a speedy recovery from pimples.

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Orange Peel:

The juice that sprinkles out from orange peels is effective for skin treatments. Damp your face and apply some orange peel extracts on the affected areas. They will give you a prickly sensation and by that you’ll know that it’s working.

Sesame Seed:

Soak some sesame seed overnight and then blend them the next morning. You sometimes get powder readily available too. Add milk, curd or plain water to make the paste and keep it for 10 minutes.

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