Top 9 Home Remedies for Foot Tendonitis

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Suffering with a major problem but don’t have the remuneration to get yourself healed because continuous medication i expensive? There is a way, foot tendonitis is caused by an infection in the feet which may result in failure to walk in the later stages, so it is always good to treat the problem straight away. Foot tendonitis is primarily a foot infection that is minor at first and can be treated easily but can escalate in the future causing bleeding, loss of feeling and many other symptoms. The best way to treat foot tendonitis is to first get a professional doctors advise as to how far the infection has progressed if it has reached a stage where immediate help is required home remedies should be your second concern but if the effects are still progressing then the best way to heal yourself is via a certain method of home remedies.

foot tendonitis

Given below are a few home remedies for foot tendonitis-



The anti inflammatory ingredients available in ginger are the best way in which you can treat your foot tendonitis effectively. Since tendonitis has the ability to effect the entire of your foot, its always good to ingest ginger via your daily diet so that you do not face a problem. Try mixing ginger along with some fenugreek powder in warm water and drink daily which is another great way to get rid of tendonitis because ginger will fight the infection effectively over time.

Lime juice:

lime juice

lime juice can be used to treat a variety of various body problems so it is only natural that lime juice will help treat your foot tendonitis too. The consumption of lime juice twice helps to feed your body with a daily dose of vitamin c which is perfect to help fight off any sort of infection.



Bananas are rich in potassium which helps yet again to fight infection in your body. This reduces the infection capacity levels in your body sufficiently thus treating the foot tendonitis.



Apples have always been the fruit to look toward when treating any disease. Apples are rich in malic acid which not only help keep your body healthy but also help to fight against any infection. Foot tendonitis can escalate into something more drastic later so try and consume apples daily to achieve the best results.

Hot water soak:

Hot water soak

Soak your foot that is infected in hot water s that the water can kill the germs that are present on your foot causing the foot tendonitis. Do this twice daily to get the best results. Make sure the water is sufficiently hot so that it kills the bacteria effectively.


Load up your meals with fruits and vegetables

Other than the normal fruit diet try to intake many other fruits so that your body remains strong so that it can help fight the infection from the inside. Include fruits in your diet to heal yourself over time.



Ice is another great way to give yourself immediate relief, foot tendonitis sometimes causes inflammation and pain which can be soothed with the help of ice. Apply ice whenever you feel uncomfortable to help kill germs immediately



Cherries have very sufficient anti oxidant properties which are great for treating foot tendonitis. It does not matter whether cherries are sweet or sour, try and consume organic cherries everyday to steadily treat the problem of foot tendonitis. You will face a problem with the pain for the first few days but it will subside over time. Use a variety of hot and cold compress to help relieve the pain.

Wash daily:

foot washing

Try washing the infected area with medicinal or herbal soap daily with cold water so that the infection does not spread, this will help keep the area clean and safe.

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