8 Best Home Remedies for Foot Pain

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Constant stress and work load often leads to a lot of physical pressure as well that in turn results in muscle issues and pains. Are you someone who can totally relate to this situation? Guess, most of us does! With increasing competition in life and with the desire to be the best in the professional front, more and more people are experiencing bodily issues especially in the form of joint pains. One such common element that has become the part of everyone’s lives is that of foot pain. Being one of the most frequent occurring issues, it is important for a person to have some effective and safe remedies in hand compared to pain killing medications that has side effects.

Home Remedies for Foot Pain

The list below is a well-reviewed form of top 10 home remedies that is natural, 100 percent side effect free and researched for best outcomes on foot pain. All you need to do is check them out and follow 1-2 of them with dedication for the desired outcomes.

1. Vinegar Soak:


Take a tub of water and to this add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar. To this soak the foot for the next 10-15 minutes. This will help in relaxing the stressed muscles in the foot that is causing the pain. It is also one of the greatest ways to treat inflammation.

2. Hot and Cold Therapy:


Take two separate tubs of water, one of which will be hot and the other cold water. The hot water should be bearable. Dip the foot in hot water for about 3-4 minutes and then in the cold water for about 10 seconds. This should be repeated for 3-4 times. It helps in reduction of swelling, inflammation as well as pain.

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3. Epsom Salt Soak:

Salt epsom

Take some lukewarm water and to this add some Epsom salt. Soak the foot in this for the next 10-15 minutes. It relaxes the muscles and eases the pain considerably. Make sure you apply some moisturizer post soaking since Epsom salt dries the skin.

4. Clove Oil Application:

Clove Oil

Clove oil is known to considerably boost the blood flow in the foot and thus is one of the perfect home remedies for muscle pains. All you need to do is apply a few drops of clove oil directly on the skin. For those with sensitive skin, clove oil with olive oil is recommended.

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5. Ice Compression:

Ice Compression

Take some ice cubes in a plastic bag and with a towel in between apply it on the foot and the affected area with pain. It helps in reducing the inflammation as well as swelling leading to treatment of pain. Do this 2-3 times in a day for a session of 10-15 minutes each.

6. A Good Massage:


Take any good quality oil for proper lubrication and use it on the foot while gently massaging the area. This should be done for 10 minutes for 2 times a day. Massaging helps in improving blood circulation and thus treats the crisis well.

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7. Cayenne Pepper Advantage:

Red Bell Pepper

There is capsaicin in cayenne pepper which helps in achieving the goals of foot pain treatment. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the foot before wearing the shoes to keep the area warm and get the benefits. You can also prepare a cayenne pepper soak and use it for 10-15 minutes to improve the condition.

8. Sage Wonders:

Sage Wonders

Boil some sage leaves with a cup of apple cider vinegar for 5-7 minutes. Remove from heat, cool down a little and then using a cloth soaked in this solution compress the foot pain area. This is bound to help you in all the possible ways.

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