Top 10 Home Remedies for Dry Hair

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Best Hair drying out isn’t really an uncommon phenomenon, and mostly occurs since a lot of people do not know the proper way to keep it moisturized and healthy. The misconception that shampoo moisturizes hair has contributed to this, especially since it actually does the opposite and dries it out even more. Mostly, it is noted that people who also possess a problem with dry skin find dry hair more common, which is extremely hard to comb through and looks quite bad. Overuse of styling products such as hair wax or gel, swimming in chlorinated water, or exposing yourself for a long duration of time to the sun are all contributors to the problem of dry hair, and you can choose to help yourself with a host of different remedies that can be created and applied in your own house.

The ease of these remedies as well as the ready availability of the ingredients required is a big reason why more and more people are turning towards these natural ways of the revitalization of hair. People living in warmer climates are obviously more prone to dry hair, which has also been attributed to a lack of the usage of conditioners after shampooing. No matter what the reason, a cure will exist, and that is exactly what the following home remedies are.

1) Milk:


While milk is a great source of a lot of proteins and fats for one’s own body, it can also prove to be just as good a product to use on one’s own hair. Goat’s milk combined with water forms a paste, which you can then apply to your hair and leave it in. Massage it gently, and then use a damp towel to wrap. Wash it off right after that and feel the difference in moisture.

2) Aloe Vera:

aloe vera

Most people know Aloe Vera as a great skin moisturizer, but it is just as good for a person’s hair as well. There is little work involved, and all you have to do is directly apply the juice to your hair and massage it in gently. After a few minutes, you can wash it off. Make sure to do this a few times a week in order to achieve the most possible benefits.

3) Papaya:


Another fruit that has a great contribution towards benefitting hair, the papaya contains a host of different nutrients that enrich and moisturize the hair at the same instance, fulfilling two different roles simultaneously. Mix it with banana and yogurt to make a paste, which you can then apply. Keep it isolated using a shower cap and then wash your hair slowly.

4) Cocoa Powder:

Cocoa Powder

It might sound rather unbelievable, but a good mixture of apple cider vinegar, cocoa powder, yogurt and honey works as a great pack for your hair. Simply apply it, keep it on for a while, and then rinse out smoothly.

5) Mayonnaise:


Most of prefer to have our mayonnaise in salads and sandwiches, which makes it an ingredient likely to be at the tip of your fingers the moment you open the refrigerator. Simply take a cup of full fat mayonnaise, which is extremely important, since it is that fat which helps your hair achieve a much healthier and shinier look, as well as the required moisture. Massage it in for half an hour, and then rinse it with slightly warm water.

6) Olive Oil:

olive oil3

This is the best and most efficient home remedy you can possibly hope to come across when it comes to dry and stiff hair. You can use it in various ways, be it for a simple scalp massage, or as a pack with other ingredients. The massage option is the more efficient one, since it really gets the nutrients from the oil deep into the scalp, helps untangle the clumps, and provides a much healthier shine to the hair. Rinse with shampoo afterwards to get rid of the oil.

7) Almond Oil:

Almond oil

It is quite easy to understand why oils are good for dry hair, since the revitalizing effects are obvious to pretty much everyone. Heat almond oil for about a minute, and then massage it into your hair, making sure to cover all of it as well as reach the scalp. Wash it out with shampoo and water afterwards.

8) Vinegar:


The importance of a good conditioner has already been stated beforehand, and with vinegar, you can choose to use a natural conditioner instead of a synthesized one. It provides your hair with all the moisture as well as vitamins that it may require for a sleek and smooth look, and you can simply apply it on after you have finished shampooing. Keep it in for a few minutes so the hair may soak it up, and then wash it out as well.

9) Pumpkin:

Fairytale Pumpkin Squash

The vitamin-rich pumpkin is a great choice to use as a moisturizer for your hair, and can be obtained relatively cheaply as well. It requires some more effort though, since you have to boil it first and then mash it to form the basic paste which you need to put on. Add some yogurt as well, and then leave it in after applying for fifteen minutes. Use a shampoo afterwards.

10) Yogurt:

Yogurt 2

As you have probably noticed already, yogurt is a key ingredient in any hair pack that you create for yourself. This is down to the large amount of nutrients that milk already possesses, which is further heightened once it turns to yogurt. You can choose to use it as a pack in itself by applying and leaving on for some time, or combine it with a host of different ingredients, whichever suits your tastes and hair preferences. Make sure that you wash the entire thing out thoroughly, and to do it at least once every week

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