Top 8 Home Remedies for Bedwetting

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Bedwetting is naturally a “kiddie” issue where children have a problem controlling their bladder during the night. It is a natural thing where 6 out of 10 children suffer with bedwetting during the ages of 2 to 8 but this problem in extremely rare cases can be faced by adults too. This may be due to kidney problems and needs to be treated by a medical professional. If you are an adult but are suffering with bed wetting then an immediate medical check-up of your kidneys is required. For children this is not necessary and can be dealt with at home. Even though it si purely psychological given below are well known home remedies that surely will cure bedwetting if carried out every day following a strict regime.



Cinnamon is the best ways to help your kid get rid of their bedwetting. Bedwetting is normally caused because a child has small bladders and therefore cannot hold up a lot of urine during the night. Cinnamon helps to strengthen the bladder thus reducing the chances of the child wetting the bed in the night.

Indian Gooseberry:

The Indian gooseberry well known as amla is also another way of helping your child deal with their bed wetting problems. Amla is rich in vitamin c that gives your child the strength to retain their urine during the night. Amla is also rich in various other vitamins and minerals and therefore overall it helps keep your child strong and healthy.

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Olive Oil:

For chronic cases the best way to treat your child’s bed wetting is with olive oil. Uses a cloth dipped in warm olive oil and carefully massage it over the lower abdomen of your child before bed daily. It helps keep the bladder under control and if carried out daily then after a few weeks your child should be cured of their problem completely.

Cranberry Juice:

Pure cranberry juice has proven to be a strong ingredient for people of all ages. Its properties can strengthen blood flow and in this case give the bladder the support it needs so that your child does not have to wet the bed at night. One glass of cranberry juice everyday for two weeks will give great results, and it tastes great so your kid will love it.


Walnuts have bladder control properties that might be the key ingredient your child needs to cure them of their bed wetting problem. Use walnuts in brownies and other goodies that your child likes so that a good amount of walnuts are consumed during the day. A few weeks later your childs bed wetting problem will significantly reduce and you will notice the difference.

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Herbal Tea:

Herbal tea has many natural properties that keep the bladder clean. In many cases bed wetting is caused due to infections. Herbal tea helps to eradicate those infections thus helping your kid to have a clean bladder and a normal urine flow. Infections cause a heightened need for going to the toilet and herbal tea will help eradicate the infections. Herbal tea is overall healthy and good for the child’s body.


Raisins can prove to be a tasty snack and a guaranteed bed wetting remedy. Add a few raisins to your child’s cereal everyday and you will see a significant difference in the daily bed wetting scenario. It will reduce greatly and your child will have a comfortable sleep in no time.

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Honey also another great remedy. One tablespoon of pure honey is great to cure your child of the problem of bed wetting. Honey is a pure sweetener and therefore will not instigate the bladder during the night.

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