Top 9 Hall Furniture Designs

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Living room is the first place which any guest, visitor or stranger sees when they come to visit us. Hence all of us want our living rooms to look the best. Living rooms are also known as hall or drawing room. Mostly the family does recreation there like watching T.V, entertaining guests, playing chess or any other board games etc. Now a days most of the living rooms have a dining space hence they are known as drawing cum dining or hall cum dining rooms. Most of the living room furniture consists of sofa set, centre table, TV unit, showcases to keep books and artefacts.

Design 1

Hall Furniture Designs1

This is an excellent lounge L shaped sofa. It looks very classy and saves a lot of space. People who have spacious living rooms go for this as they can put many other couches to accommodate more guests if there is a party or gathering at home.

Design 2

Hall Furniture Designs2

This is an innovative T.V unit and bookshelf. It is not very spacious though, hence is suitable for homes which are big and more items can be stuffed in other book cases. With a long black sofa, a rug and a centre table of matching colours will complete the look of this exclusive living room.

Design 3

Hall Furniture Designs3

Some people like the old time charm and prefer Victorian antique furniture. Hence they decorate their living rooms in a different fashion with rounded woodwork on the arms of the sofa chairs and tables made of solid wood. These are very sturdy furniture and last for years together. The look is completed with an antique clock.

Design 4

Hall Furniture Designs4

This is a bar and the people who love to entertain guests with alcoholic beverages like these kind of furniture a lot. This has a lot of storage space and can be used to store the glasses, decanter, bottle openers, drink shaker, ice box, champagne holder etc. There is a dining table which can be used as a regular dining table or for drinking purposes and holding card game kitty parties.

Design 5

Hall Furniture Designs5

People are using recliner chairs while watching T.V after a hard day’s work. These chairs have in-built functions to give a leg massage or back massage which are very relaxing after a hard day’s work. And if there is a steam bath too, then one can have the pleasures of a massage parlour at home without the help of a masseuse.

Design 6

Hall Furniture Designs6

This is an extremely common wall unit which is used across the globe in middle class living rooms. It can be used to keep books or small show pieces. It does not look heavy and does not cost much. However the only issue is that since it is an open case, the items catch dust very quickly. Hence one needs to keep on dusting this.

Design 7

Hall Furniture Designs7

People have become innovative and some people use a hammock or sling in their living rooms to make it look different. It is an ideal place to laze on a holiday and one can read a book or watch TV while lying on these hammocks.

Hall Furniture Designs7.1

Design 8

Hall Furniture Designs8

In the last few years bean bags have gained popularity as living room furniture. They are light weight and can be lifted and carried anywhere. It is comfortable to sit on them in a relaxed mood and chit chat with your family or friends.

Hall Furniture Designs8.1

Design 9

Hall Furniture Designs9

In the eastern part of the world, people like sitting on the floor. Many people create a small corner of their living room where they place mats, rugs, cushions and mattresses and sit down on them. This may not be very comfortable for elderly people or people from the west. However in India, China, Japan, we can find this kind of sitting arrangements in the living rooms with colourful cushion covers which are different in different countries. Like in India colourful embroidered Jaipuri, printed or other types of cushion covers are used however in China and Japan, geometric patterns, silk thread work is more popular.

Hall Furniture Designs9.1

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