Top 9 Hairstyles for Thin Straight Hair

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It often becomes difficult to style thin hair. You cannot try all the different types of hairstyles like long braids or heavy curls when you have thin hair. Again when you have thin hair or alopecia on a specific part or portion of the head even then you cannot select any hairstyle of your choice except for some chosen ones. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not have any good hairstyles to choose from when you have thin hair. You can try various haircuts which can cover your frontal or one sided thinness and even look good in those. This is also important when you want to sport something fashionable. It is not a bad choice to look for proper haircuts. Haircuts help a lot in covering thinness of hair. When you have straight thin hair, it is even more difficult to style it because styling would mean using different products or styling equipments which can further damage your hair. Specific hairstyles help give you a volumized appearance.

Let us show you top 9 hairstyles for thin straight hair.

1. The V Bang Look:

Hairstyles for thin straight hair1

This is a V bang look which you can try when you are looking to cover the thinness of the frontal or bang section. You have to comb out the bang from a deep side part which is more towards the top of the head. You must have enough hair for the parting at the top of at a heavy tilted side.

2. Side Parted Sleek Hair:

Hairstyles for thin straight hair2

You can have a sleek straight hair look with a tilted side part. Side parting helps to camouflage the thinness at the top. You can also have this type of a hairstyle when you do not want any form of heavy styling done to your hair or you do not like short haircuts.

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3. Wispy Short Bangs Bob:

Hairstyles for thin straight hair3

You can get an inward rolled tip bob haircut with one sided frontal short bangs. This helps camouflage the frontal thinness of the hair. This also helps to show the forehead less broad. You can try this hairstyle and then blow dry hair to create wispy bangs.

4. Sleek Pixie:

Hairstyles for thin straight hair Sleek pixie

You can have a punk style sleek pixie bang look which comes with a short cropped hairstyle. This can be good when you want a stylish yet very low maintenance hairstyle for your thin hair. This again is helpful when you are facing thinning of hair or hair fall.

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5. Messy Heavy Straight Hair:

Hairstyles for thin straight hair5

With a layered medium top and side cropped pixie cut, you can create this hairstyle. Use dollops of heavy hair serum to create these types of thick spikes. This can be very good when you want a stylish and messy short low maintenance thin hair look.

6. Long Layered Look:

Hairstyles for thin straight hair  Long layered look

Layered hairstyle gives your sleek finish hair some extra volume. This is good when you do not want horizontally straight trimmed sleek hair.

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7. Wispy Uneven Bangs:

Hairstyles for thin straight hair7

Wispy uneven bangs hairstyle is a good way of camouflaging thinness of hair. This can be good when you want something stylish.

8. Sleek Funky Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for thin straight hair8

This is a form of funky sleek straight hairstyle. You can have a deep side parted look like this and cover the thinness on top and the other side.

9. Medium Pixie Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for thin straight hair9

This is a low maintenance hairstyle and you can even style this without the use of too much of comb. This is good when you have thin hair or do not want further hair fall.

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