Top 15 Hairstyles for Sarees

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When it comes to wearing a saree, the modern hair looks they tend to fail. You will need something which looks traditional and matches the attire. Therefore you will need to focus on what looks better on you when you are wearing traditional or modern saree and also the type of jewellery that you will be wearing along with it. These together can give you a traditional and modern look. If you are wearing attire for the traditional or household family occasion, it might be something heavy with heavy zaree works.

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In that case you should wear jewellery which is heavy too and likewise the style of hair should be not so heavy or should be tied in a long braid. Similarly if you are going for a work gathering function, you can wear something that is light and at the same time maybe has a more modern touch to it. In that case you can sport somewhat modern light jewellery and the rest of you getup should be so focussed as well.

Let us see the top 15 types of hairstyles that you can wear with different types of sarees.

1. Half Wavy Half Parted:

Half wavy half parted hairstyle

This look can be good when you are sporting a saree which is heavy yet quite modern and not something that is traditional like Banarasi or with heavy zaree works. This can give you a classic heavy look for parties and also for bridal occasions. The hair design is half parted with a Maangtika placed in the middle and the rest of the length has been made to curl with round brush and heat and then finally it is brushed out to make it wavy.

2. Bouffant Back Drop:

Bouffant back drop

If you are willing to sport something that is back tied so that your bangs do not fall near your eyes and face, then you can try a bouffant bun with a back hanging style. This can be something that gives you a classy look and at the same time you can wear it with both traditional heavy dress and also with a light saree. You can wear something that makes the look more complete like heavy chandelier earrings.

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3. Different Forms of Braids:

Different forms of braids

Braids are something that fits quite right with sarees. Especially if you are going for a not so heavy but silken or satin sarees then braids give these a more sophisticated and clean look. If you want you can do knot finish where you instead of working up the whole of the length, you are first teasing the sections and then tying these up at intervals. You can additionally ear some hair jewellery which you can fix at the knots. Another style is where you do a normal braid and then use some suitable pins on these.

4. Layers:

layers hairstyle

This is a proper choice of style for young women who not want a traditional feel to their look. This is also cool when you are wearing light sarees and going out with friends or going for a formal get-together.

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5. Thick Set Layers:

thick set layers hairstyle

If you have medium length of hair then you can try out styles like this. You can use a round brush or big curlers to curl it up and then brush some outwards and some inwards until you get a puffy top and sides. You can sport this look with modern heavy sarees. Traditional heavy jhumkas can be proper choice. If you will wear a high neck or tight fitting blouse, then you can ditch the choker sets.

6. Bun Style for Traditional Occasions:

bun hairstyle

If you do not want much trouble for the styling then go for a neat bun at the back. Team this with heavy blouse and sarees. Wear chokers or heavy necklace and heavy earrings.

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7. Simple Look:

simple look hairstyle

If you are going for a formal or a simple gathering, you may not want to wear heavy jewellery or even a heavy saree. You can wear something simple like the saree Sushmita Sen is wearing with some top earring and go glossy and simply brushed out for the hair.

8. Side Curly Big Waves:

side curly big waves hairstyle

Sometimes you can go for wavy hair with all the tresses shifted to one side. Brush those out and curl them a bit using heat to let it fall into thick waves. Use some strong hold spray to keep it in place.

9. Wrapped Pony:

Wrapped pony hairstyle

This is not a normal braid. The hair is wrapped in two sections till half way. The rest of it is tied with a simple knot and let loose. The bangs are properly brushed out so they sit on two sides of the forehead without falling before your eyes.

10. Central Parting with Fringes:

Central parting with fringes

This type of fringes works when you do not do too much styling with the long or medium hair and prefer to keep it in bun or a braid at the back. Use these types of looks for traditional or South Indian attires.

11. Simple Bun with A Twist:

Simple bun with a twist

If you are willing to sport a summer style back bun without much trouble of doing a complicated style, then you can give it a twist by taking sections out at the bang area.

12. Simple Straight:

Simple straight hairstyle

Sometimes with chiffon sarees, simple straight looks which are properly brushed out and given a gloss spray, fits properly.

13. Light Curls:

Light curls hairstyle

When you want to keep it very simple and that too without any jewellery or heavy earrings then you can go heavy on styling with curls and waves. Set with a spray.

14. The Retro Low Pony:

The retro low pony

These types of looks go stylish with simple or old fashioned sarees. Use hair gels to give the hair a smooth finish.

15. Open Waves:

Open waves

You can go for long open hair provided you have thick hair to do so. This looks lovely with any form of saree, be it traditional or modern.

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