Top 15 Hairstyles for Round Faces

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A woman who has a round face has to choose a proper hairdo carefully. It can be something that is wispy and with bangs because these types of looks helps to cover and camouflage the roundness of the face. You can also try out something that is a curly. Some women who like to keep it cropped, they can go for something that is very choppy and with layers at the frontal area. These help to cover a portion of the forehead. These types come with less maintenance because layers stay on for a long time before you need another cut.

There are various styles to choose from. If you pay a proper browsing of the different styles that the celebs like Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Aniston sports, you will get a good view of what types you will be able to sport and also carry with confidence. You need to determine which portion of your face you want to normalise with the style. Some people like to conceal a portion of their broad forehead breadth and others like to conceal a part of the cheek bones. If you have a trusted parlour with good professional stylists then you should take their expert advice.

Below are top 15 types of styles that you can choose and sport with glamour.

1. Slightly Wavy:

Slightly Wavy

Even though this will not fully cover the cheek bones or the forehead properly, yet you can try sporting this if you like to keep the tresses medium length to long. People usually do not like to chop off their length hence you can shorten it and make the look fuller to conceal slightly the sides and forehead by giving it a side part and some light waves. This can be a nice look for parties too. You can sport this with traditional garments as well.

2. Choppy Bob:

Choppy bob

A side shifted choppy bob with bangs covering a portion of the forehead breadth can minimise the roundness. This can also be a good style for you if you are looking for something for summer months when you are willing to shop a few inches and go for a different look after sporting length look for long time.

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3. Inward Bob:

Inward bob

Even though this is not a new style, however, if you have a face shape like this, you should try having the fringes at the side like the celeb here is sporting. This can be a good style for parties, and also for the formal getup. This can be teamed up with party dresses, shirts, t-shirts and also any light chiffon saree.

4. The Classy Look:

The classy look

If you do not like choppy fringes, then you can try a moderately same layer fringe which sits properly with the rest of inward layers and very properly is made to shine and lustre with hairspray and serums. This is a classy look and will be quite a style with your formal wears. This is not much of a party style look and will give you more classy appearance with your dresses or trousers.

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5. The Back Cropped Front Long Bob:

The back cropped front long bob

Some girls like to sport back cropped versions of a normal short haircut. Hence, you can go for something like this. This can be a very party like look which you can sport with high neck dresses. This covers a portion of your neck length too. So if you have a slender long neck, this can be something you should try.

6. The Feathery Look:

The feathery look

If you like sporting feathers, then this can be something to try out. The bangs are cut in layers and then given a twist with round brush and some heat from blow dryers. You can try this style for parties and also for traditional occasions. This is a look which goes well with almost all types of dresses be it modern or traditional.

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7. Front Fringes with Slight Waves:

Front fringes with slight waves

This style is good for those who like to have moderate length for their locks. You can have frontal fringes which are asymmetrical and has choppiness. This is a very modern look and you can sport this with t-shirts and also other dresses.

8. Wispy Fringes:

Wispy fringes

If you are looking for something that is more adjustable to summer months then you can try wispy light fringes at the frontal section. These often help o soften out the facial features.

9. Braided Look:

Braided look

If you are willing to go for a party then your regular style may not suit you. Hence you can give the normal short look into something more stylish. Try a normal braid running from one side of bang area to the back side. This simple twist will change the whole look.

10. Bun and Twists:

Bun and twists

If you are willing to keep long hair and yet sport something to minimise the roundness then try a bun style like this. You can try some wavy twists for the sides and frontal section.

11. Full Choppy Parting:

Full choppy parting

This is a shorter than moderate long locks. You can try this type of look and this will be very stylish for parties. The side parting and the choppiness minimises the roundness of the overall face.

12. Deep Parted Choppy Fringes:

Deep parted choppy fringes

These are deep parted fringes and side shifted bangs. These are also given an outward twist. It can be a proper look for your parties and also college.

13. Graduated Slight Wispiness:

Graduated slight wispiness

This is a feathery graduated side fringes which are properly combed out to give it a natural look. You can try this for regular wear.

14. Frontal Flirty Look:

Frontal flirty look

If you are looking for a frontal layered sectioning then try something like this. This is very flirty and can also be a good party style look.

15. Symmetrical Side Combed Look:

Symmetrical side combed look

This look has symmetrical cut through out and side combing makes it look stylish.

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