Top 10 Hairstyles for Kids with Curly Hair

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Hairstyles for Kids with Curly Hair

With celebrities sporting different forms of curly hairstyles, these days’ even kids like to copy them. So if you are running short on choices to choose what kind of curly hairstyle can be right for a kid then you can check out our top 9 choices for curly hairstyles. These are different types of hairstyles which can be easily tried on kids who either have curly hair or who want to sport a curly hairstyle. For kids who don’t have curly hair, you can use an iron curler or other market available Velcro curlers. These can create nice curls which can make way for a nice curly hairstyle. So here are our top 9 curly hairstyle choices for kids.

1. Messy Big Curls Hairstyle:

Messy big curls hairstyle

This is a medium bob hairstyle which kids can sport. This looks good and can be a good hairstyle for school as well. You can further add some floral head hand for more glam. Medium bob hairstyles are easy to maintain and with some big curls, they look even better. You can try big iron curler or big Velcro curlers to create voluminous curls.

2. Twisted Curly Hairstyle:

Twisted curly hairstyle

This is another short to medium length layered curly hairstyle. For kids who have naturally curly hair, they will just need to do some twisting at the top of the head and clip them in with small hair clips. If the kid doesn’t have small curls, then you can use a curling iron to curl up the hairs. Some hairspray can help.

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3. Long Curly Hair:

Long curly hair

A long flowy curly hairstyle can also be good for sporting. Curl the hair all the way from roots to the tips. Finish with hair spray. Tie some bows to complete the look. This hairstyle can be good for sporting outdoors or on special occasions. This can be a good holiday hairstyle as well.

4.  Afro Style Heavy Permed Hair:

Afro style heavy permed hair

This is a popular African style permed hairstyle. You can try this on a kid who has naturally wavy hair.

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5. Curly Prom Style Pony Tail :

Curly prom style pony tail

This can be a nice prom style curly pony tail hairstyle. A kid can try this for a school function. You tie a high pony tail and then curl up the loose sections of hair hanging from the pony tail. You can further use a hair accessory like a silver crown or the like to adorn this hairstyle. This can be a bridesmaid hairstyle as well.

6. Afro Style Tight Curls:

Afro style tight curls

This is another very famous and common African hairstyle. You can try this hairstyle on a kid if she has long hair which is frizzy or wavy. If the kid has natural curls, then this hairstyle will be even easier to create.

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7. Afro Style Corn Row Braids:

Afro style corn row braids

This is an African style corn row braided hairstyle. The hairs are braided very tightly leaving spaces and gap. Since they represent the rows of corn in a field, this hairstyle is popularly known as corn row hairstyle.

8. Afro Style Coiled Curls:

Afro style coiled curls

This is a popular African hairstyle. Various celebrities have sported this hairstyle on the Red Carpet and other shows. This can be a good hairstyle choice for kids who have naturally curly, frizzy or wavy hair.

9. Full Head Small Curls Permed Hairstyle:

Full head small curls permed hairstyle

This is another African hairstyle which many girls like to sport. This makes the head look more full of hair and voluminous. A good hairstylist can give a kid this hairstyle.

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