9 Best Green Tea Brands in India

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1. Yogi Pure Green Tea:

(Price: Rs 315 – Rs 284)

Green Tea products

This antioxidant rich tea aides our body’s natural defense mechanism. This is organic and carries caffeine content. Known for its subtle aroma it is widely consumed in the subcontinent. Available in four flavors it is helpful in a varied gambit of conditions.

2. Lipton Clear Green Tea:

(Price: Rs 100)

Lipton Clear Green Tea

Lipton takes pride in its purest form of green tea that is handpicked from the finest tea gardens in the world. Rich in healthy flavonoids it is completely natural and organic. It gives a wonderful light green color with a subtle aroma and great taste. It is best for regular usage and is from one of the best tea brands in India. It has a huge variety of options to choose from and even has a decaffeinated version. So one can experiment with tastes such as

  • Cranberry pomegranate
  • Orange passion fruit jasmine
  • Lemon ginseng
  • Purple acai blueberry
  • White mangosteen peach
  • Passion fruit coconut
  • Acai dragonfruit melon

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3. Twinnings Jasmine Green Tea:

(Price: Rs. 100)

Twinnings Jasmine Green Tea

This is by far the most loved green tea in the market. When brewed right it emits a bright lemon yellow glow that is very inviting and pristine. Laden in abundance with nature’s best antioxidants it is a weight watcher’s delight. Its grassy taste is surely going to rejuvenates you on your most tiresome days. Twinnings is a brand that is associated with tea finery at its best.

4. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea:

(Price: Rs. 200)

Green Tea brands4

This is the best organic green tea in the market which is packed with the goodness of Basil. Rich in EGCG antioxidants and a host of other nutrients it is touted as the ideal drink towards reduce stress and fighting throat ailments. Its special nutrients also enhance stamina and helps cell regeneration. This is also proven to improve metabolism which is a blessing for every one trying to lose weight and burn fat. The basil in form of Vana Tulsi, Rama Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi helps boost our immunity during season changes.

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5. Taj Mahal Green Tea:

(Price: Rs 90)

Green Tea brands5

India’s premium tea brand from Brooke Bond, Taj Mahal also comes in this particular variation. Known for its best quality long Darjeeling leaves, it is high on anti-oxidants and builds immunity in our bodies to fight life threatening diseases. The refreshing flavor and sensual aroma will truly make you say Wah taj! Hand picked from the best tea gardens in India it delivers superior taste in every tea bag. It is a caffeinated version that has different flavors such as Honey Lemon and Earl Grey.

6. Tetley Green Tea:

(Price: Rs 90)

Green Tea brands6

With powers to refresh, soothe and energize your body and mind, this mellow green tea has a rejuvenating feel.  Every 2gms of tea in each tea bag promises to consistently deliver the best infusion of flavor in your cup. Its antioxidants fight against harmful free radicals and boosts body health. This is a perfect weapon to reverse stress and signs of aging that are so common in our pollution rich environment.

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7. Chamong Organic Mint Green Tea:

(Price: Rs 150)

Green Tea brands7

A Darjeeling Tea, it is one of the best Organic teas available in the market that packs in the strength of the nutrients and anti-oxidants in every leaf.

8. Silver Pot Organic Darjeeling Green Tea:

(Price: Rs 315)

Green Tea brands8

The natural properties of the tea are enhanced due to its fine quality long Darjeeling leaves. It is potent in preventing various diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

9. Jay Green Tea:

(Price: Rs 150)

Green Tea brands9

The best reason for choosing JAY Green Tea is that it is the least processed tea brand amongst the rest and therefore retains the most natural form of the tea leaf.

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