Top 9 Greece Tourist Places

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Speaking of tourist destinations, how can one forget the beautiful land of Greece? Located in Europe, this place is the epitome of beauty. It is been a favourite tourist destination of all times and is famous for its rich history, religion and culture. In spite of worldwide recession, travelling to this nice place shall never be a problem, primarily because it is not as expensive as other European countries. Travelling around Greece by train is another wonderful experience you shall have. The best time of the year usually falls around July August and September as the weather is so pleasant and balmy then. If you are thinking of going to Greece sometime this year, why not take a look at some of the most wonderful and exciting places you could visit with your loved one? So, let’s get started.

1. Athens:

Greece Tourist Places1

Athens is the capital of Greece and is an astonishing beauty indeed. The innumerable sites here reflect the culture and history of this country. From gardens to museums to the sea beaches, everything in Athens is break taking. Even though the weather is warm and dry during summer, the weather gets comparatively cooler in winter. It is full of tourists all around the year and the clubs and pubs here are mind blowing. So when you go to Greece, you have to visit the lovely city of Athens.

2. Acropolis:

Greece Tourist Places2

Another place to visit in Greece is Acropolis. It is the greatest historical site in the whole country and if you are a lover of art and culture, this place should be on the top of your list. You will find the temple of Athena here which is known as Pantheon. The perfect time to visit it should be late afternoon or you may even early in the morning mostly because during these times, it tends to be less crowded.

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3. The Islands of Santorini:

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The beautiful Islands of Santorini is what makes Greece such a popular and beautiful place. Found in the Atlantis, this island is full of history. The deep blue waters, golden and unending sands, lovely weather and cool atmosphere are all you need for a good holiday. The food here is exquisite and the place has decent accommodation for all. Santorini gives you the oppurtinity to explore the magic and beauty of Greece only within a couple of hours. So, don’t miss out on it.

4. Mykonos Islands:

Greece Tourist Places4

Another gorgeous location in Greece is undeniably the Mykonos Islands. This place is full of modernization and is the right place for people who want to enjoy and celebrate. The restaurants here are fancy and you will also find a lot of clubs, bars and discos. So, if you want to party, come to the Mykonos Islands. What you will experience shall be unique and pleasant indeed. Not only will you see naked golden beaches but also get a rich tan if you like.

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5. Crete Island:

Greece Tourist Places5

Greece is full of picturesque islands and since we are speaking about them so much, why not mention the Crete Island? They are the pride of this country and have fantastic beaches as well as a fun filled and energetic nightlife. The people in Greece are also very friendly so don’t be surprised if you end up making a lot of friends. The Heraklion Archeological Museum and Phaistos Palace should not be missed out on. They are wonderful historical places to visit and complete the amazing picture of Greece that you have in mind.

6. Epidaurus Theatre:

Greece Tourist Places6

For all who love musicals and theatres, you must visit the Epidaurus Theatre of Greece. It conducts a festival every year which is celebrated with great pomp and delight. The plays and orchestras here are outstanding and should definitely be considered by all music lovers. It is ancient and is located in the Peloponnese Peninsula. You can definitely come to this place but you need to be careful before you arrive because the performances are not held every day. If you manage to grab a show, I assure you it’s going to be worth it.

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7. Corfu:

Greece Tourist Places7

When you come to Corfu, the first place you must visit is Spaniada. This is where you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere as you stroll along the lovely streets. The cafes here are remarkable and the food is edible. The locations are exotic and the people are equally fun loving and friendly. If you are religious, visit the Saint Spyridon Church. You will marvel at the beauty of its ambience and environment. Another thing, don’t miss out on the island cliffs here. Your trip in Corfu shall be incomplete without this location.

8. The National Garden:

Greece Tourist Places8

I am sure a lot of us travellers are nature lovers. We enjoy being around lovely flowers and trees and look at the colourful little butterflies fluttering around in glee, don’t we? One place that will fulfil your dream in Greece is the National Garden. This is the Royal Garden. It was where the first modern Olympics had taken place. So not only does it have a beautiful location, but also rich historical significance. It is definitely an ideal spot for those who want to get in touch with nature and at the same time see the distinctive parts of the city.

9. Thiseio:

Greece Tourist Places9

The final spot to travel in Greece is Thiseio. This is the ultimate place to relax yourself. All you have to do is grab a cup of frappe and relax on the sidewalks of this enchanting and gorgeous place. It is full of coffee shops, resting areas and eating places which make it ideal, full of fun and interesting. You can come here with family and friends and indulge in long hours of conversation. The beautiful weather and atmosphere will keep you going and make your entire trip to Greece fun and worth remembering simultaneously.

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