How to do Gold Facial at Home?

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Gold facial is a type of facial which you can gift your face and leave it with an extremely royal feel once done. They can be adapted in any skin type and they are best used to remove sin toxic, save from sun damage, lighten the skin tone, prevent premature ageing and rejuvenate the skin. You skin feels tightened and there is a different radiant that makes you glow.

Gold Facial

It might look extremely difficult to get a gold facial done, but rather than spending thousands of rupees in a parlor why don’t you follow a few simple steps and the get the best of gold facial, done by yourself at home?

1. At first you need to grab hold of a good quality gold facial kit. The kit must include Gold cleanser, gold facial scrub, gold facial cream/gel, gold facial mask and a moisturizing lotion which you might have to buy separately as it is usually not a part of the kit. Get a good moisturizing lotion that would gel well with the face pack and your skin tone.

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2. Now before you start off with the facial, you need to cleanse your face with a cleanser. The kit will provide you with a gold cleanser that you need to apply in this step. Apply cleanser and massage your face to remove the dirt and wash off with lukewarm water. Pat your face dry.

3. Now scrub your face that will help you to get away with the deal cells. The scrub in the kit need to be applied allover your face and neck and go in circular movements. Scrub for about 30 seconds and wash off with lukewarm water again. Pat your face dry.

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4. Now apply the gold cream or gel, whichever has been provided in the kit. Massage the cream on your face and neck. The cream will have a gold foil, gold powder, wheat germ oil, saffron, aloe vera and sandalwood. Let the cream get absorbed in the skin and as they dry up you will feel the different. Now damp a cloth and slowly wipe your face and neck.

5. Now use the gold mask which is provided in the kit. Put it all over your face and neck. The mask is supposed to have ingredients of turmeric, gold foil and aloe vera. Let the mask now dry up and once it is completely dry you can remove the mask. Now splash come cold water on your face to feel your skin completely rejuvenate and then wipe it with a towel.

6. Lastly, you need to moisturize the face. Buy a good quality moisturizer and moisturize evenly on the face and neck in round motions. Your facial is now complete. You will find a difference in your skin. Your face will glow and make your look younger.

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1. You must use a good quality gold facial kit, so that it benefits your skin and not harm it.
2. Never mix other products along with the facial kit.
3. Don’t waste the kit; use each part specifically as per instruction.
4. You must be hygienic enough to wash your hands off before you start with the treatment. Try wearing gloves while your do the facial.
5. Maintain a proper time interval to do the facial. Maybe once in two weeks. Do not overdo as they might harm the skin with the chemical components they have it them. The results are supposed to be good, just make sure you have proper knowledge and guidance as you go about it. Take some experienced help.

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