9 Best Gold Chains for Women

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Gold is lustrous as in glittering, gold is brittle as in as heart melting, gold is shiny as in shimmering and gold is alluring as in a woman’s next favorite. When has it ever happened that a set of gold jewelry or gold plated piece has not attracted you? When has it happened that a beautifully colored piece of clothing with a shimmering golden hue has not grasped your attention? Such is the power of a good shining gold and for most of the parts, a simple golden chain would suffice. Forget all complicated jewelries; use a simple golden chain to wow her this season.

The chic trinket:

gold chains for women1

It is always best to keep the look to the finite amount where the fine line between chic and chunky can be readdressed. You may be a heavy dresser for most parts, but when it comes to a simple day out for a picnic or even a daily office going chore, you can always wear a simple golden silver chain such as this and be done with it. This is a beautiful day gold chain.

The studs:

gold chains for women2

Women love everything feminine and even when they choose their trinkets, they want a different look to it, one that looks simply beautiful and at the same time can speak thousands. Here in this look, a beautiful picture has been created where the simple balls are replaced by the dotted ones as they are soldered together to form a chic pattern.

The single balls:

gold chains for women3

If the previous one had a mixture of two varied sets, here is a mind blowing beautiful artwork of a piece that can still swoon you with the singular status. Back in the previous one it was simply two different ball patterns but here the singular ones are soldered with a beautiful frosted gold pendant.

The black gold:

gold chains for women4

Contrasting colors can indeed make a difference in a whole new level and therefore when it comes to chains for a formal event do not hesitate to show off some striking colors with the beautifully arranged spiral alternate gold and black look. in this semi peplum little black dress paired with this chain, the woman is elegantly pulling of a formal look.

The patterned look:

gold chains for women

If you thought this is just a casual eve for a great look and you want to sport elegance in your attire, why are you still waiting for the best of the night to get over with. At once pull of this elegant neck piece, a gold chain with alternated patterns and be the perfect person that you are. Through pear shapes and bulbous designs a happy picture has been created.

The chunky piece:

gold chains for women5

here is another great design for the chic you. Whenever you are in doubt, use a simple device to create a chic look. Rock a halter neck, use a beautiful skin fit bottom and pair it with a heavy ornamented jewelry piece. For instance, this chunky heavy gold chain that would look oh so perfect with a simple attire of yours.

the double tiers:

gold chains for women6

this is basically the same designed pattern neck piece chunky and beautiful, compiled with two layers and a casual outlook. This piece can be worn on your office presentation day or a simple picnic outing with a little floral summer dress.

The diamond laced:

gold chains for women9

here is a simple gold chain with a beautiful little pendant that is diamond laced along the lines of the chain piece. The chain itself is simple and humble, lustrous even so.

The vintage:

gold chains for women83

layered in four this vintage gold neck piece with shoulder brooches makes the look complete and beautiful.

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