Top 9 Gold Bracelet Designs for Men

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Being a girl personally, I have never been a fan of men’s jewellery. From decades many designs of bracelet were take off and have developed into go-to accessory for those men who are style conscious. Whether it is wooden bead bracelet or leather cuffs or metal OD band but I had heard that gold bracelets are evergreen one.

Yes I must say with any controversial trend – there are some men who don’t give bracelet a chance and view them as entire concept as feminine. Even there are rare men who love jewellery that too wearing a bracelet.

In one of the survey when Ladies were asked that does your man wear bracelets? They replied; Aakash wouldn’t wear a bracelet, James would never wear a bracelet. So while buying gifts for men, ladies rarely buy bracelets.
However there are many men who love wearing bracelet every time and make them style status. Good example for this is Bollywood star – Salman Khan who always wear bracelet.

For bracelet lovers and who wish to buy bracelet than you can explore our top 9 gold bracelet design which are easily available in market even you can checkout in online websites where you will get cool designs and can pay money through card/net banking/payback or cash on delivery.

Designs are as Follow:-

1) Gold Achy Breaky Heart Bracelet:

1This gold bracelet is designed with cuts detail and bracelet is secured with spring ring closure. To clean this bracelet is very easy; you can wipe them with a clean cotton swab whenever needed. This bracelet is urban style and is perfect accessory for a standard outfits like tee, jeans and trainers.

2) Gold Interlinked Chain Bracelet:

2You can see this elegant and classy gold interlinked chain bracelet which is secured with a fold over clasp. You can easily clean this bracelet with clean clothes to remove dirt. This bracelet style will adorn you without going overboard. You can wear this bracelet with regular casual grab which will give balanced look.

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3) Silver and Gold Toned Bracelet:


This simple and beautiful bracelet is designed with silver and gold tone with texture. This bracelet has a fold over clasp to keep its channel super sleek style. This bracelet can be cleaned with clean cotton cloth. You can wear this lovely bracelet with dressier ensembles alike.

4) Gold Immovable Force Bracelet:


Look how beautiful this bracelet looks, this bracelet is simple yet stylist. This bracelet has cut out details. Bracelet has fold over clasp closure. You can wear this super sleek style bracelet. This bracelet will go wonderful with casual and dressier ensembles’.

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5) Gold Toned Bracelet with a Silver Toned Accents:


this bracelet it’s secured with a lobster clasp closure. You can easily clean them with cotton swab, when ever needed. When you will look at this gold bracelet, you will feel kike making statement. This uber cool bracelet will make you like you are looking for.

6) Gold Bracelet with American Diamond Bracelet:

6Look at this super stylist bracelet with classy and elegant look. American diamond carved in middle looks so awesome. This bracelet can be worn with ethnic wear like, kurta, sherwani and pathan suit.

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7) Rose Gold Toned Sepia Toned Mystery Bracelet:


This awesome bracelet which is in rose gold toned, link bracelet with cuts and texture detail in between them. Bracelet has lobster clasp closure. This bracelet is one of the vintage bracelets with super sleek style. This bracelet will look good with casual and dressier ensemble alike.

8) Rose Gold Toned Golden Sunrise Bracelet:


This bracelet has gold toned rose in bracelet with link and texture in between. This is vintage bracelet and stylist sleek channel this bracelet will go well in casual.

9) Cross Shaped Bracelet:


check out this common and most used bracelet design for men. This bracelet has lock at side and goes well with all type of dress.

Hope you liked bracelet designs for men and next time you shop them you won’t have problem.

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