Causes and Symptoms of Gas

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There is not a single doubt about the fact that gas and flatulence is one of the top notch and the most common ailments of everyday living. According to researches, about 9 out of 10 people face the problems of gas from time to time and at regular intervals. On the other hand, the good news is that gas is not a serious threat to the health and something that you don’t have to seek professional help for until and unless it goes out of control. Before the treatment that you use, it is advised that you are aware of the various aspects of gas to deal with it properly.

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On one hand, where it is important to known about the causes of gastric issues that can help in effective prevention, on the other hand, it is equally significant to understand the signs and symptoms of gas for early detection. This health guide below will help you with both of them in the easiest possible manner.

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Causes of Gas:-

Swallowing Air:

One of the major causes that is directly associated with the occurrence of gas in the body comes in the form of excessive swallowing of the air. It passed in the digestive system in a case where you do not burp it out. This is released through the anus. It might also lead to problems of hiccups if you swallow too much of air.

Issues of Constipation:

This is one of the causes that not only leads to formation of gas in the body but also causes problems of bloating. Constipation is usually a result of lack of fluids in the body. This sure shot leads to gastric problems.

Certain Foods/Beverages:

This is one of the cause that will differ for different people and depends on the fact of which food or beverage causes gastric issues in your body. However, there is no doubt that gas is caused by foods and beverages. The bad odor from the gas will also differ in this case. It is one of the most common causes to be mentioned here.

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Medications and Supplements:

For those people who have recently started taking medications or any kind of nutritional supplements should know that if you are facing gas issues it can be because of this reason. Some of the side effects of nutritional supplements is gas and bloating in the body.

Hormonal Imbalance:

In case of any sudden changes in the hormonal levels in the body, you can have issues of gas. For example, those women who are just about to have menstruation face gastric problems because of fluid retention in the body.

Medical Conditions:

It has been well proven that certain medical conditions in the body like that of Crohn’s Disease and bowel obstruction can be a major cause for sudden problems of gas in the body. In this case the problem is a prolonged one.

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Symptoms of Gas:-


Constant burping also known as belching is one of the sure shot signs of the fact that you are facing troubles of gas in the body. This might be an embarrassing situation and symptom for sure.

Cramps in the Abdomen:

For those who are suddenly facing cramps in the stomach especially after the meal, can be rest assured that it is gas that is playing tricks on the body. This is again one of the signs to help you know about the onset of the problem.


Involuntary passing of gas through the anus known as flatus is another of the common signs of gas in the body. This might be accompanied with a bad smell that depends on what you have consumed. It is an embarrassing and attention catching symptom for sure.

Pains in the Stomach:

For those with extreme movements of gas in their stomach also experiences pain along with cramps in the stomach as a symptom.

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