Top 9 Fun Craft Ideas

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Vacations are the time when parents wonder how to keep their children busy. They do not want them to sit in the front of the T.V the whole day or play video games. The hot and humid weather outside does not allow them to play outdoors in the day time. Hence the best way to keep them occupied is to engage them in some craft work. This will enhance their creativity and will allow them to make small gift items at home. They can use it to gift to their friends for birthdays, Christmas, Diwali and any other occasion. In school there are classes for art and craft and they can showcase their talent and get good grades too.

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Origami Miniature Bookshelf:

It needs three square papers. Follow the folds in the video. It is a little complicated to make, however it is fun to make for sure.

Bead Bowls:

To make these super cool bead bowls all you need is cooking spray, oven safe bowls and melt able beads. It is so simple to make that even kids can do it all by themselves. Follow the instructions and you can use these bead bowls to keep candies or any small things like hair clips, sharpeners, erasers etc.

Chocolate balloon bowls:

Chocolate balloon bowls are fun to make. Kids would love to make it as it involves their favourite snack, chocolates. Once the chocolate cools, the amazing chocolate bowl will come out and you can fill them with almonds, cashews or any other snack. Along with the snack they can eat the bowl too.

Freezer paper T- shirt:

Freezer paper, black paint, sponge paint brush and the image are the things which you will need for this craft. Follow the instructions on the video and you can get a great T shirt. You can even use glitter fabric paint to make some cool pictures. You can use the same method to paint on TV covers, sofa covers, table cloths, bed sheets etc.

Cotton ball sheep:

Make a flock of sheep. You may put them in the crib during the Christmas time;you can even Googleon how to create the idols of Jesus, Joseph and Mary. You may create the huts and everything else to make a complete crib.

Watermelon letter holder:

Using a paper plate, glue and scissors you can create a cool letter holder. Paint the paper plates the way you like. Fix a ribbon and voila, your letter/pamphlet holder is ready. You can even gift this to your friends and they will simply love it.

Ribbon headband:

You will need plain headband, scissors, elastic, hot glue gun and ribbons. Follow the pattern on the video and the little girls in your neighbourhood will love it. You may even sell them in the local stores and start a business.

Paper weight:

You will need a garden rock, paints (red, black, blue, white), paint brushes (fine tip and regular). Paint the garden rock as per your wish and let it dry. Your paper weight is ready.

Friendship Bracelets:

You will need glass beads, tape, cotton crosia thread, and scissors and follow the steps to create these friendship bands. You can try various patterns and colours and come up with new ideas of making these bracelets. You may use the alphabets and place the word ‘’Friend’’ in the middle of the bracelet.

So enjoy making these fun crafts. There are many more coming your way.

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