Top 15 Full Hand Mehndi Designs

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Henna designs are a popular form of hand and body decoration which is temporary and is done with the paste of henna leaves. These are a popular tradition in the Indian culture. Almost in every wedding or family occasion you can see the women folk wearing these mehandi designs on their hands. These are very artistic and they wash off within 2 weeks to one month. If these are done properly from an expert who deals in these types of artwork then you can have a gorgeous looking hand for the important day or function.

These days these are becoming a new fashion trend. We see many celebrities sporting these nowadays. These can be made in tune with modern patterns and also a mix of both the modern and traditional. Girls can go for modern works to sort with modern outfits. Sometimes these art works can extend up to the whole of the limbs.

These are basically done for bridal occasions where the bride is made to wear these designs as a sign of auspiciousness on her hands from her palms and then extending up to almost the shoulder sometimes. It can extend till the forearm or half of it. It can also extend till half of the upper arm. It depends on your choice but there are often certain designs which can be extended and some mehendi designs which should stay only on the palm.

Below are the top 15 choices for full hand mehndi designs that you can try out.

1. Floral Circular Mehandi Design:

Floral circular design

This is a floral design made in circular shape which extends till half the frontal arms. You can follow this design and extend this with similar patterns up to your shoulder. This depends on how much you want the extension and your comfort ability. You can sort this type of design for functions and this is a mix of both traditional and a modern twist to it.

2. Half Complete Mehndi Design:

Half complete design

This is a traditional design done in the way that both the palms when brought together the circular central design will look complete. This is very artistic and fascinating. You can create this or similar other patterns for your hands. The motif work extension can be done from wrist till as much you want to and is comfortable with.

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3. Diagonal Mehendi Design:

Diagonal design

This is a diagonally created and drawn pattern. You can create similar design starting from two sides of the back side of the palm and then extend till as much as you want.

4. Centralised Mehandi Pattern:

Centralised pattern

This is a very modern type of a pattern. The pain motif work is very centralised and then circular and bangle type extensions can be done till you feel you need it to extend.

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5. Thick Motif Work:

Thick motif work

This is a very traditional thick motif pattern and you can extend this design up till full length of the fore arms and till the shoulders too. It depends on your choice and the occasion kept in mind. The thick flowers, leaves and semi circular pattern can give a balanced look when it comes to these types of designs. The bangle sections at the wrist give you the opportunity to not wear any excessive heavy bangles. The design makes your hand look full and you can team up light fancy sarees with these.

6. Complete Modern Mehendi Design:

Complete modern design

This is another design which looks complete when both the palms are joined together. If you want you can combine traditional arts with modern touches like this one. The floral motifs are extended to a certain length of the fore hands and you can increase the length as per choice.

7. Heavy Motif Extension:

Heavy motif extension

This is a thick bridal motif design which has a name written at one corner. This is mostly of the bridal type and you can wear these types of designs for wedding occasions and also similar other purposes.

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8. Peacock Mehandi Design:

Peacock design

This is another clear motif work with patterns and auspicious symbols and also extensively designed peacock patterns for the wrist area. You can wear similar designs for different purposes and functions. If you want you can create more extended motif works as a tail of the peacock and increase the length.

9. Rajasthani Mehndi Pattern:

Rajasthani pattern

This is a Rajasthani mehandi pattern and it has net design. You can increase the motif keeping in tune with the net pattern of the palm. The peacocks can be at the larger portion of the fore hand and when properly done, this can be a wonderful design to sport.

10. A Tilted Pattern:

A tilted pattern

This is a tilted form of pattern which can look very good when done on the hands. You can keep spaces in the middle of thick motifs to make it look clearer and the design to brighten out.

11. Thick Motif with Patterns for Fingers:

Thick motif with patterns for fingers

When you are looking for a clear motif work that will stand out, you can do something like this. Here are the finger patterns are kept quite separated and the rest of the pattern is thick. The extension ends in beautiful motif work with floral art.

12. Modern Design:

Modern design

This is a very new mehndi design where the pal is almost clear and empty. It brings the focus to the back of the wrist where the design is kept very thick and something like a thick kara or bangle.

13. Modern Glitter Floral Strands:

Modern glitter floral strands

This is a modern design with glitters and floral strands. If you are not willing to go for thick motifs, you can try these types of designs on your hands.

14. Thick Motifs:

Thick motif with patterns for fingers

This is a design which has thick motif work which is sometimes small motifs and somewhere it is large motifs.

15. Wrist Front Side Design:

Wrist front side design

This is a frontal side thick design. The central of the palm has leaf motifs while other parts have simple but clear floral motifs.

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