Top 9 Friendship Bracelets

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Friendship bracelets are the perfect gift to get your close friend or loved one to show them exactly how much you hold them close to your heart. Friendship bracelets come in many designs colours and sizes and cost in various varieties, the best part about a friendship bracelet is that you do not have to worry about buying a readymade one and if you have the time you can make one yourself if you have the right materials. Making a friendship bracelet yourself will show the person you are presenting it to that you took the time out from your life to make something special for them making it more valuable than any other gift.

There are many different types of friendship bracelets but given below are the top nine friendship bracelets which are famous around the world and widely used-

Embellished friendship bracelet:

friendship bracelets1

The embellished friendship bracelet has been ranked the first in the world not only for its subtle yet glamorous design but also because its so easy to make at home that it is almost a crime. Friendship bracelets if made should be made in this manner so that the person you present it to may know how much they mean to you.

Embroidery bracelet:

friendship bracelets2

This holds the second position because unlike other friendship bracelets this bracelet has to be embroidered with different cloth colours. The work is strenuous but the bracelets are readily available to buy in the market. You have to revere the work that has been put into this multicoloured masterpiece that you will honour a true friend with.

Fishtail braid friendship bracelet:

friendship bracelets 3

Looking for something different to gift your friend with? Something out of the box that is unique then try to make a very easy fishtail friendship bracelet which will surely fullfill your needs. The intricate design along with the cute fishtail ending is just a glamorous gift to give a true friend on occasion.

Country based friendship bracelets:

friendship bracelets 4

These friendship bracelets are readily available in the market and are the perfect way to greet a friend to your city or to distribute amongst close friends during maybe a soccer match or any other sporting event. The bracelet holds a highest regard in the friendship bracelet list s it brings friends closer together.

Rainbow band friendship bracelet:

friendship bracelets 5

This is a perfect bracelet for any child to make as it is not only multicoloured but has an air of brightness that will surely brighten up your kids life and yours. The rainbow band friendship bracelet is very easy to make at home but is also available in the market. The items you need to make this are very affordable and easily available.

Camp bracelets:

friendship bracelets 6

During summer camp it is quite a tradition to make friendship bracelets as a days exercise, the bracelets are both fun to make and easy on the yes causing a stir amongst the people once the bracelets have been completed. It is surely a pleasure to the eyes t see so many colours.

Rainbow plaid friendship bracelet:

friendship bracelets 7

This is probably the easiest to make friendship bracelet, all you need is a little colourful yarn or cloth and plaid the cloth to make this wonderful bracelet. It is very popular amongst children and is seen widely distributed on celebratory days.

Cambodian tribal friendship bracelet:

friendship bracelets 8

Though the art is native to Cambodia the method of designing this friendship bracelet has spread throughout the world touching the sentiments of people everywhere. Notice how intricately this piece of art has been made.

Cuff friendship bracelet:

friendship bracelets 9

The last on the list but not the least this wonderful design will surely take your breath away if evr one of your friends presented it to you. The wonderful part about friendship bracelets are that you can experiment with colours and designs.

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