6 Best Floor Exercises for Tummy

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The bulging stomach is obviously very annoying and it is so because first it does not make you look good. Second, you cannot wear any dress you desire. Third, you have to be very cautious while selecting your food items. There are many ways in which you can reduce the extra belly fat and look slim again. If you devote few hours browsing on the internet or even on fitness magazines, you will notice that there are several diets that promise to reduce your extra belly fat and make you slim and sexy. But what will you if those diets are not working for you or maybe is taking more time than you had imagined? Well, do not panic; you can always start exercising. This in turn will keep maintain the metabolism of your body and also help you to reduce the excessive belly fat. Here’s a list of few floor exercises that you can follow to lose the extra belly fat and look slim.

Leg Lifting:

Hip Leg extension

It is a kind of exercise that will work on your lower abs. Lie on a mat and then keep your hands fixed either on the ground below your buttocks or fold it above your chest. Then lift your legs slowly off the floor while bending them slightly or maintaining them straight. Lower your legs slightly so that they are about an inch higher to the floor; this will keep the abdominal muscles tight. And then repeat lift. Perform this exercise for about five times.

Jack the Knife Sit-Ups:

Sit-ups crunches

The jack the knife sit-ups is a more complex form of sit-ups. Lie on the mat with your hands to the sides while you keep your legs straight on the mat. Now lift your head and feet both at the same time. Hold this position for about 3 seconds and then lower your head and feet.

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V-ups floor exercises

Lie on your mat with your head and stomach touching the ground. While keeping your legs straight, lift your head and legs at the same time. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds and then lower your head and legs. Repeat this posture for about 10 times.

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Sit-ups are probably the best known exercises to curb that extra belly fat. Lie on the ground or better on a yoga mat while keeping knees bent and feet on the ground. You should remember to hold your hands at the back of your head. Now tighten your abs and lift your shoulders and head off the mat while making sure that your feet are still on the ground. Now maintain this position for about 1 to 3 seconds and then return to your initial position. Repeat this move for about 10 to 2 times.


Crunches Diff

Crunches are very similar to sit-ups. In this movement also the initial position is the same, that is, with the back on the mat while your knees are bent. The hands will either at the back of the head or crossed on the chest. Now inhale and lift your head while tightening your abdominal muscles and maintain this position for few seconds and then return to the initial position.  If you want then you can always replace the crunches with sit-ups but if you suffer from neck pain then you should discontinue with this exercise and revert back to sit-ups.

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The Plank:

The plank

To do the plank, you will have to lie face down on the floor. And then you will need to raise yourself on your forearms and toes and remain in this position for few seconds. Remember to maintain a straight back and neck and breathe normally.  Pretty soon you will feel the abs straining like hell.

Of course, even the nice muscle exercise will not help you to obtain a flat tummy if it covered with fat so make sure that you also lose weight while trying to obtain a slim tummy.

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