How to Do Facial at Home?

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If you are willing to have a deep cleansing facial treatment at home, then you will have to follow quite a few procedures. This is a much known term and you can try out various forms of this thing at home or outside. There are clinics these days which offer various forms of treatments which cleanses your skin. These days you can have various types of this treatment for improving the complexion. Where most clinics will only give you something like galvanic, or chocolate or even the micro dermabrasion stuff, since these also deep cleanses, a facial done at home will have a lot better effect. This is because these when done at home, mostly is used by massaging movements and the use of a proper kit which comes with a mask, a scrubber and also various other massaging things. You can combine fruits too to have a fruit facial. Various types of things can be combined to give you a gentle exfoliating and cleansing along with rejuvenation. The other factors for which this is important is that black heads and white heads when get deposited below the skin pores can clog the oil and sebum secretion or can even increase it. Either way there can be impurities hidden deep below the skin surface and usually these impurities are accumulated at the root of the hairs.

Facial at home

These clog the roots of the facial hairs and can lead to breakouts and acne. These are therefore very important in determining which you will go for, will you go for having it done at a beauty parlour, a treatment at a clinic or the home remedy way. So you will have to decide on that and whichever is more convenient to you, you should try that out. If you want to make your complexion glow and not keep it looking dull and lifeless, then you must consider having one suitable type of treatment. There are various types to choose from. If one runs short on the time then they can also consider doing these at their own convenience from home. These days there are various types of facial kits that are available in the market and you can try giving these try when you know you are following the right procedure. The things done at clinic are very costly and those at a parlour are not hygienic and can be harmful or give rise to breakouts. When doing this yourself you have to be careful about the direction of massaging and also the amount of time you are using the different steps of the facial for.
Below are the 6 steps by which you can do a facial at home.

1) Cleansing:

This is the first and basic step that you need to start this on a cleansed surface. If your pores are not clean then you will have breakouts, and several other problems like excess oil and sebum gets deposited and clogs the pores. You will need to have these cleansed. Infact if you start doing this treatment on an un-cleansed surface, you will not get the desired results. Your complexion will stay dull and lifeless because the massaging and also the other nutrients, if the pack is a branded and you are using good quality, these will not get into the pores to nourish and vitalize them. So you will have to be careful as to what you are doing at the same time you will have to start on a cleansed surface. Use any normal face wash to wash the skin. This also softens the black and white heads and when you scrub or massage next to follow the steps, these will come out easily and hence you will have a better effect than when you do on un-cleansed surface. Another important thing is that

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2) Scrubbing:

This is a very essential step and you cannot skip this. You will have to scrub off the dead and decaying upper epidermal cells so that you can massage it properly and make the cells glow. At the same time this also will get rid of any dirt or black or white heads. This can be something that comes with your bought kit or you can use something that is homemade. It depends on the suitability and your comfort ability as to what you want to use. You will have to use something like rice powder mixed with some cinnamon powder, clove powder for those suffering from acne and honey to give it a softer effect. You can also use honey and fine grained sugar.

3) Massaging:

This is a very important step and probably the most important. This is because it is said that massaging increases circulation. This also gets you rid of any fine lines and wrinkles on the surface. You can make the epidermal layers firmer and the pores to regenerate oil and work in a more youthful way than normal. This is very important and you should not skip this step at all. This is also important as to the direction of the massage. You should use anti-clockwise and clock wise motion for the massaging. This should be done from the cheeks to the neck and upwards. The forehead should be massaged with the tips of the thumb in the clock wise and the anti-clock wise direction. This helps a lot even to relax you and to sooth you down. The stress and tension also gets released to a great extent. You will be able to have a good sleep after this. Therefore people often hire beauty personnel at home to give them these treatments and it is like a spa feeling.

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4) Pack:

This is another important step and you cannot ignore this at all. You can apply any type of pack. This can be a regular mixture of natural ingredients from your kitchen which is what people usually do when they are doing this at home. You can apply a pack of besan, Multan mitti, cucumber juice with a pinch of turmeric. This can be like a normal pack and you do not have to do anything excess for this. Apart from this, you can also apply a lotion or pack in lotion form which comes with the kit that you have bought. If you have aging surface then you should buy a gold kit. If you have a normal surface then you should try something like silver or a pearl kit. There are various kits available these days and you can choose any one that is suitable to you. Various brands like VLCC, Shehnaz Hussain, Kaya, Lotus herbals, etc. offer these types of kits. There are specific instructions on the kits too which you can read and follow and has a lovely experience right at home. You can ask someone to help do the massage on your skin. If you are looking to have better ways to do a natural one, then you can apply homemade mixtures. Keep this on for about 15 minutes or as suggested by the kit that you have bought and then wash this off.

5) Mask:

This is the next step and the application of a mask can be a fruity one depending on your choice. If you want it natural and filled with anti-oxidants then you should try a fruit mask. This can be made with any type of citrus and anti oxidant fruits like apple and orange. You can try pulps of fruits like about half a cup of any type of citrus fruit with that of mashed half a cup of an apple which is de-skinned. This again depends on the type of surface that you have. If you have aging pores or fine lines then a re-defining mask or a collagen mask can be helpful. You can buy these separately too from the market if these are not provided in your kit. If you have acne prone skin; then acne fighting and soothing mask will be the proper mask for you. If you are having dull and lifeless skin then a brightening mask can be the right solution for you. After you have applied the mask on a cleansed skin, you have to be careful as to the timing of the mask. A mask should be kept only as per the timing mentioned on the packet. You should always follow the pack directions to do a good cleansing. The mask is often to be used when you can lie in a relaxing position. While the mask does its work, your body should also be relaxing. This makes the mask work better than when you are wearing this and then doing your normal chores.

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6) Toning and Moisturization:

This is a very essential step. Just by removing the mask and then cleansing the face is not the complete step. If you want a real spa like experience, you will have to tighten and close the pores too. The next step that comes after application of the face mask is the toning of the face. The layers of the epidermis gets moisturised and helps to retain hydration which can make your skin look more lively and glowing. The glowing skin will show your good health and also the fine lines and wrinkles will vanish. This should be done after toning or instead of toning. When you do not tone the face after mask application which is usually removed with steam or warm water, you tend to not close the pores. The pores need to remain closed. This is very important. This helps to tighten them and then this is the last step of this whole process and toning becomes essential after this. This helps to close the pores and later these pores open only little and secrete only that much oil that is normal. This also helps to keep check on the problematic excess oil secretion surfaces. If the pores remain open then your skin will secrete oil and more dirt will get deposited in the newly cleansed pores. So to avoid this you need to tone up the skin and close the pores properly with a soothing or cooling astringent toner. This also comes with the kit. You can also try another option which will moisturise the skin rather than tone it. This depends on your skin type. If your skin type of very dry then you will need to hydrate and moisturise it till inside. Sometimes toning can lead to more firmness of the skin and skin may feel dry. This is not an essential step but may seem quite not important when you are doing a deep cleansing at home. However, even though this is a routine procedure, you should remember that you need to follow this. This is only because it helps to sooth and hydrates the skin.

This is very helpful and you will be able to make the surface supple and you will be able to make it softer. If you have dry surface then this becomes even more essential after the vigorous scrubbing and cleaning and mask process. The mask even may tend to make surface drier especially for those who already have dry epidermal layers. This is also true if you have sagging skin. Aging skin is more prone to dryness. This Moisturization is for those times. This is again dependent on your surface type. You will have to be careful that you do not apply too much of oily moisturizer because this will give rise to acne. This is because of the fact that your surface will be very clean and tend to secrete oil on its own. Applying more oily lotion or cream from outside will clog pores; make them dirty and at the same time will also make your skin look very oily. Another thing can be tried is that you can massage the surface with some lotion and then wipe it off with a cotton ball. This can be helpful to keep excess oiliness away.

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