9 Best Eye Exercises

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Do you detest wearing contact lens or glasses? Has computer usage in the home and workplace putting stress on your eyes? Your eyes need regular exercises in order to be in the best of health. Just like working out on any other muscle in the body, you also need to workout on your eyes, to keep them fit and healthy. The eye exercises will increase the vision and over time you will have better eyesight.

Some of the top eye exercises that would improve your vision and strengthen the optic muscles are as follows:

Eye Exercise Blinking :

Blinking Eye Exercise

Blinking keeps the eyes fresh and helps you to focus longer. This is especially important for people who work too much in front of computer or watch too much television. You should try blinking every 3 or 4 seconds for at least two minutes. After doing this, mentally note down how your eyes are feeling, whether the feeling is relaxed, strained, or tired. Then try not to blink for the next 30 seconds for another 2 minutes. You would definitely feel the difference.

Eye Exercise Palming :

palming eye exercise

You can do this stress relieving exercise while on a computer break. Before beginning, take a few deep breaths. Then lean forward on your desk and rest your elbows on the kneed. Close your eyes and place two hands over the eyes, in such a way that the palms cover the eyes. The fingers should be on the forehead and the heel of the hand should rest on the cheekbone. Make sure to keep the hands loose, so that you can blink freely.

Eye Exercise Figure of 8:

Eye Exercise Figure of 8

This exercise increases the flexibility of the eye muscles. You need to imagine a giant sized figure of eight nearly about ten feet in front of you. Then turn the figure on its side. Then imagine to trace the figure with your eyes, slowly. Do it one way for some time and repeat on the other way.

Eye Exercise Focus Near & Far :

Eye Exercise Focus Near & Far

You should stand or sit in a comfortable position. Then put your thumb about ten inches in front of your eyes and try to focus on it. Take deep breaths and shift the focus alternatively on your thumb and any object in front of it.

Eye Exercise Zooming:

Eye Exercise Zooming

Sit in a comfortable pose and stretch your thumb. Focus on your thumb and keeping the focus, bring it closer until it is just 3 inches from your face.

Eye Exercise Splashing:

Eye Exercise Splashing

After waking up in the morning, splash your eyes with lukewarm water. You can do
this after returning home as well. This will keep the eyes free of foreign matter.

Eye Exercise Break Taking :

Eye Exercise Break Taking

While working on a computer, you can take a ten second break and look at any object that is at least ten feet away.

Eye Exercise Squeezing:

Eye Exercise Squeezing

You can close both the eyes and squeeze them shut for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise five to seven times. The eyes will start moisturizing.

Eye Exercise Eye Circles :

Eye exercise eye circles

Rotate your eyes in a circular motion. Start with clockwise direction, repeat for seven cycles and then do the same for anti-clockwise direction.

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