Top 5 Double Chin Exercises

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Lanky arms, toned abs and still can’t get rid of baby fats? Double-chin is not only a serious depression amongst the heavy people but also a common problem for the thin ones. A lot of times one would see a well built body striving to get rid of the baby fats in your face. when you’re in  your typical teens, one of your friend might just get the chiseled look while you are still stuck with a second chin.

We know how depressing and deadening that can be, so we bring to you this article where you get some awesome double chin exercises to push that second curve right in.

Chin lift:

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Also known as the kiss the ceiling method. This is one of the most effective double chin removal exercise which stretches the chin muscles tightening them so that there is no hanging fat making you look like a chubby little kid. For this you need to tilt your head upwards till you are directly facing the ceiling. Keep your lips pursed and facial muscles normal. Now pucker up as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling and hold on to that position in such a way that you feel a tug in your lower chin. This is the stubborn muscles stretching underneath the pressure which tones the muscles right away.

Jaw release:

double chin exercisees2

This is yet another chin sculpting exercise that has the same effects as the chin lift. It stretches out the muscles clearing the knots and keeping the muscles under pressure so that they can tone and strengthen themselves which would reduce a second chin formation. This is a two parter exercise. First stand or sit, make sure you have your spine straight. Then expand your lungs while you inhale and then let out the air making a humming noise with your throat, lips pressed shut. While this inhalation imagine you are chewing something and move your jaws according to it. The next part consists of opening your mouth has wide as possible and inhaling and exhaling with a loud “ahh” sound.


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To keep your chin tucked in make sure you go scientific this time. The platysma is your shoulder blade bone that runs from your jaw line to your shoulders. Putting that as a front to exercise and putting it on work might help you relax your jaw and at the same time take care of your chin. You can do this either with mouth  closed or open. Tilt your head upwards while keeping your spine tight. Work the jaw muscles by forcing your lower jaw outwards so that it juts out. Now push it upwards making a shovel with your mouth and hold it there before releasing and continuing.

Chin slap:

double chin exercisees4

This in one of the easiest of the double chin removal technique which is both efficient and effective. Set your head straight and place your hand, your palms in a downward fashion underneath your chin a few inches away. now with the back of your hand quickly slap the underneath of the chin fast enough to cause a stinging sensation. Don’t fret because the irritation signifies success. You can use either hand or both of them. Keep the pace constant and fast and make sure you don’t slap too hard or too slow.

Neck roll:

double chin exercisees5

Yet another chin exercise where you use your neck to have results from the double chin problems. Sit up or stand straight and keep your spines erect. Inhale air and while doing so turn your head slowly to the right so that your chin is parallel to your shoulder if not touching. Now exhale and while you’re at it roll your head down so that it touches your chest. Repeat the same process with the other side of the shoulder. This strengthens and tones the muscles.

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