Top 35 Craft Ideas for Kids

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Summer vacations have arrived with the scorching heat, and the hard time for our kids to stay indoors. I am sure your kids hate this to the core and get really bored. Thus, today we have an article that is especially for your little ones to get them out from the boredom to stay indoors. We have listed few cool crafts that kids can do this summer. They are just perfect and safe for little hands.

Top 35 Crafts for Kids:

1. Homemade Scented Play Dough:

crafts for kids

Playing Doh was so much fun till they became harder like a rock or we ate it that also didn’t allow your tongue to feel for few weeks. This crafts for kids will surely add fun and is very less toxic. It is prepared from the powdered drink mixes that has awesome smell as well. They do smell like markers, but please avoid eating this!

2. Handprint Fall Tree Craft:

crafts for kids2

Trees are drawn by most of the people in the world, when it comes to draw. Thus we can add some paint and even cotton swabs this. Just use all of these to make Handprint Fall Tree.

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3. Tin Can Stilts:

crafts for kids3

Tin Can Stilts are very easy to make in just few hours. This just needs identical tin cans, small tin cans like the tuna cans for your smaller kid, a rope, and paint, and here the stilts are ready! You can do a stilt race with the kid to make it interesting and fun.

4. Tin Can Xylophones:

crafts for kids4

This craft idea is from the Busy Bee Kids Crafts that is the best idea to turn some uneven tin cans in an instant fun xylophone for the kids. To start with this, you will need few tins in various sizes and rubber bands or just a rope will also do. Just tie all this securely and get the kids drum away with rubber end of the pencil. You can use a pair of earplugs to help you get rid of headache!

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5. Tin Can Animals:

crafts for kids5

This kid’s craft idea is from Chinnu from Chinnu’s Crafts that is very fun way to turn the tin cans in different animals. This just needs some supplies and some creativity. You can also make this Use as a desktop organizer in the later stage for your kid. Make this a “snack holder” or even “popcorn bowl” when your kids are busy watching their favourite animated movie.

6. Mini Tin Can Drums:

crafts for kids6

This craft idea is by Marie LeBaron of Make and Takes. This can easily turn the old tin cans in some super fun drums. Paint the tin cans and then you can cover their tops with the balloons. Secure it with a ribbon that is glued all around edge of the same balloon. And the super fun kid drums are ready! I am sure your kids will love to show off their musical acumen.

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7. Tin Can Christmas Trees:

crafts for kids7

This idea of kids craft is by Dana from Dana Made. With this idea you can turns the tin cans into a very beautiful Christmas tree. Just cut few tree shapes from your green card stock, and wrap the tin cans with the brown card stock. Decorate your tree with many stars beads or just add anything fun that you are able find and. Now attach this tree to the same can and here it’s done! The tin can Christmas tree is done to keep cane candies, you can eben keep this on the dinner table to store the house cutlery.

8. Tin Can Pencil Holders:

crafts for kids8

This craft idea by Jodi Durr from Meaningful Mama lets you add more fun t the craft. You can make a very colourful pencil holder from the old tin. For this you will need glue, some Popsicle sticks, decorative beads or even buttons. Just put them all together to get a colourful tin can into a pencil holder that can be place on the kids’ desk.

9. Tin Can Wind Chime:

crafts for kids9

This awesome craft item is made from the ordinary tins. Paint the tins in many different colours that you like and punch a hole with some nail and hammer at its. String one thread through this hole and tie a good knot. The knot must be big enough too avid the string from slipping from the hole. Tie up the cans at different levels from a branch of a tree or a beam or a place that is windy. Place each of them closely so that they touch and don’t make any noise.

10. Tin Can Telephones:

crafts for kids10

Tin cans telephones are made like the tin can wind chimes. They both are very easy and even interesting things to do in craft.

11. Sticker Paint Creation:

crafts for kids11

Take foam stickers and finger paint to add them together and make it even more colourful and fun craft. Avoid using many colours so that it doesn’t turn into greenish-brown mess

12. Paper Photo Frames:

crafts for kids12

Switch from the dry macaroni frames and flaunt with this new era of frame making. Get out of macaroni-encrusted box with this kids craft idea from Martha Stewart. This also helps your child to learn fine motor skills while cutting the paper and make them feel accomplished.

13. Bubble Wrap Paint Print:

crafts for kids13

Have you though that bubble wrap can be so magical, mysterious and entertaining? The bubble wrap print can be made by painting on this bubble wrap.

14. Play Binoculars:

crafts for kids14

Play Binoculars helps to enhance the play time.

15. Fossil Cookies:

crafts for kids15

Your kid at some point of his/her life must have fantasized about digging up some dinosaur bones. Thus, the fossil cookies are available from Martha Stewart that your kids can craft, play and also eat them.

16. Faux Stained Glass Window:

crafts for kids16

This Faux Stained Glass Window has got nothing to do with the glass windows in cathedrals. Just that you will need a plastic lid to get the own stained glass window in less time. You can hang it up to get compliments from the admirers.

17. Cloud Dough:

crafts for kids17

This dough has a very strange science that can’t even be explained properly by adults. It’s powdery in one moment, while wet and sandy for the next moment. Give this to your kids to make craft and mix them together to prepare stuff.

18. Rolled Golf Ball Paint Craft:

crafts for kids18

All kids over to roll a golf ball from the paint. This will also help them make a superb golf ball painting.

19. Bubble Paint:

crafts for kids19

We all love blowing and popping bubbles, don’t we? They come in very colourful bubbles and create loads of effects that enchant your kid. This is fun way for a craft to pop the masterpiece.

20. Comb-Painted Rainbows:

crafts for kids20

Trees are commonly seen in the object of any child artwork that is followed by the rainbow. Also, in our household we have 6 or 7 spare combs. This can be Put together to use in a craft to make Flashcards.

21. Spray Paint Craft:

crafts for kids21

Make your kids name pop with the colourful spray-paints craft. This looks superb and awesome and I am sure your kids will love doing this too!

22. Edible Finger Food:

crafts for kids22

Mix all these edible finger paints to make pudding and also add few drops of the food colouring. Help your kids learn to cook this summer vacation with a twist and fun.

23. Acorn Cap Jewels:

crafts for kids23

Make luxurious corn cap jewels with the help of Paint Cut Paste. This is a very simple, easy and fun.

24. Colourful Apple Print Place Mats:

crafts for kids24

Colourful Apple Print Place Mats lets your kid be the boss by cutting them and using in the artwork.

25. Homemade Goop:

crafts for kids25

Have you ever played with bootblack that is sometimes a liquid and sometimes solid. This craft idea will keep your kids mesmerized for many HOURS.

26. Tin Can Lanterns:

crafts for kids26

This kids craft by Megan from Coffee Cups and Crayons is of great fun that helps them make amazing lanterns. Your kids can do the drawing of a design on the tin cans with some markers and then punch the holes in can with the help of nail and hammer. Put some lights inside this and light them in the dark. Watch the kids in the dull amusement and delight.

27. Tin Can Planters:

crafts for kids27

This is an interesting idea from The Craft Crow to make tin can planters. Paint or decorate the tin cans in the way your kids want. You can also give them to paint Poke holes in the bottom and fill it with soil. You can plant some cactus to keep this as an exciting centre piece to make your child feel proud of.

28. Torn Paper Shape Collage:

crafts for kids28

If your kids love tearing papers and having fun, then this craft is defiantly for them. They can try making some minimalistic shapes, or just try to make another image with the torn papers. It’s defiantly lot of fun and easy to do.

29.  Wooden Block Prints:

crafts for kids29

Do your kids like gathering dust in a box from the hall closet? Wooden Block Prints allow then to use it in a good way by making it more fun and colourful.

30. Diy Stamps:

crafts for kids30

Collecting stamps have always been the best hobby among many since years, be it a kid or an elder person this gives immense satisfaction. You can also make it more artistic and abstract stamps by just using few everyday objects.

31. Plastic Bead Suncatcher:

crafts for kids31

This arts ‘n’ crafts will surely take your kids creativity to the next level. This bead-melting genius will melt the face with its awesome creativity. This DIY is from The Artful Parent that helps the kids to feel like the best new artist in town.

32. Negative Leaf Impressions:

crafts for kids32

Negative Leaf Impressions takes the use of all the pretty leaves that you can find around yourself.  With painting and pressing them on the paper, this craft allows you do to something really different. This exciting idea is from Tinker lab to make negative leaf impressions while also building your kids fine motor skills, spraying on the leaves with some liquid watercolour paints.

33. Homemade Chalkboard Paint Wall Hanging:

crafts for kids33

Does your kid love to colour all over the beautiful white walls? Then I am sure this Homemade Chalkboard Paint Wall Hanging craft idea is for them. This is also a good form of the therapy with a mini chalkboard. This includes a special paint that can be transformed into o fun for just anything with a drawing spot. They also get to use any colour of paint even for the base that lets them take the inner control and you from looking your temper that would have spoilt your wall. This can also be matched with your wall decor.

34. Poppy Painting:

crafts for kids34

This DIY is from Tonya Staab that any boy or girl will love to cut circles and paint on a canvas. This gives them a feeling of a real artist.

35. Sand Painting Creation:

crafts for kids35

Sand Painting Creation craft idea makes the use of the black construction paper that looks cool and will make the artwork pop.

Tips To Remember:

  • Always Use food cans that have peeled back lids or without ragged edges, while giving this to you kids to decorate them.
  • Punching holes with nail and hammer must always be done only by parents, and for older kids, under their supervision.
  • If hot glue is used, keep your kids away from touching the hot glue gun. PVC glue can be easily handled by kids, under good supervision.
  • While using beads, never leave the child unattended. Small things can cause choking hazard for the kids.

So did you take a note of all those ideas mentioned above? We hope you along with your kids will spend hours in doing these craft to have fun. Please share your innovative craft ideas as well in the comments section. Enjoy the holiday!

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