9 Best Cool Craft Ideas

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Crafts is that part and option from recreational activities that gives joy to a person and helps as a stress buster in most cases. The interesting part is that everyone loves to try out new crafts. Starting from kids and youngsters to adults and old aged people, this is one of the favourite time pass that a lot of people simply love. From decorative crafts to crafts that can be gifted on different occasions can be prepared. Among the crafts, you need to know that there is a huge range of crafts and quite some categories too.

The guide below is to help you understand about the top notch options available in cool crafts. It has the best ideas that you can use for making some great crafts. All you need to do is check them out and try and possibly use all the ideas and create everything that you see down under. It is bound to give you successful results.

Button Basket:

Button Basket

Blow up a balloon and with utmost care glue buttons on only 2/3 of the entire balloon. Once the glue is dried properly, pop up the balloon. You will get a great button basket for use. Make sure you use different sized and different coloured buttons for the same.

DIY Cool Shoes:

DIY Cool Shoes

Take a plain white canvas and using sketch pens create whatever designs you like best. However, rather than using the sketch pen directly, try and create the designs with a pencil first and then fill in the colours. See an image below for one of the good ideas.

Edible Pineapple Flowers:

Edible Pineapple Flowers

A good craft that can not only be used for decorating cupcakes and cakes but also for eating are edible pineapple flowers. Cut thin slices of pineapple and bake them in moulds in the oven until they turn dry and golden brown in colour. Now they are ready for use

Maple Leaves Rose Bouquet:

Maple Leaves Rose Bouquet

Looking for something more affordable and attractive than the usual rose bouquet for decoration. Try your hands on making maple leaves roses and then make a complete bunch to get a successful bouquet. The image below will help you out with the instructions.

Button Bookmarks:

Button Bookmarks

Take the largest sized clips used to hold papers together and on top of that use buttons or any other embellishments as give below. It will surely create some cool craft for functional purpose and in not more than 10 minutes.

Bags and Totes:

Bags and Totes

Take any fabric at home or else any bed sheet that you do not want to put any longer. Cut the pieces from the fabric according to the bag size and shape that you want and then use the sewing machine to sew it well. You can always hand sew various embellishments on it as well. It is a cool craft that you can carry to college.

Pouches and Holders:

Pouches and Holders

Fabric scraps can also be used to sew small pouches for everyday purpose like to keep cosmetics or medicines. You can style it in different ways as per your creativity.

Art from Toilet Paper Roll:

Art from Toilet Paper Roll

Take the leftover paper rolls of the toilet tissues and cut them in different shapes as given below. These can be used to create various art for walls. Make sure you colour the paper board in different shades to make something new each time.

Rose Pendant Made from Plastic Spoon:

Rose Pendant Made from Plastic Spoon

The upper part of the spoon can be cut and then passed a little through to the candle to de shape it a bit and make it look like a petal (as given in the picture) These can be combined together to form a rose that can be put in a chain and worn as a pendant.

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