Top 5 Concentration Exercises

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Dedication is one of the main keys to achieve success and for that we require concentration. It often happens that a young boy whose brilliant in studies might be facing problem in the class or might be doing not so well in the exams, all because he lacks concentration. Concentration is big need in this world to achieve something, to dedicate yourself to the work you love and if you feel you’re getting distracted easily try these simple exercises

The arm stretch:

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To increase your concentration, keep your focus fixed and maintain the stare. This way your focus is locked and you will actually put all your concentration to it.  Sit in a chair and relax. Keep your head straight, chin up and relax. Then raise your arm, any, say right and stretch it out sideways so that your palm is downwards and pointing right. Roll your neck to the right and fix your gaze on your finger tips. All this while make sure your stretched arm is perfectly still.  Focus on your finger tips and if you detect even a slight movement try to rectify it. Repeat the same with the other arm. With time extend the time and stillness perfection.

The fist movement:

concentration exercises2

This is yet another concentration exercise that requires your focus and attention. Move your chair close to a table and place both of your hands on the table with the palm closed in a tight fist with the thumb over lapping and crossing the other fingers. Keep the back of your fist resting against the table and then try to make it still. Once you are sure it is still, gaze at it for a while and when you know it has got your full attention slowly one at a time open your fist. Start by slowly opening your thumb, your index finger and so on. Once all are open, again put them in a fist in the same gradual way all this why keeping your focus, taking account of every fiber movement of your palm. Keep redoing it and with time increase the length.

The gaze:

concentration exercises3

When it comes to concentration exercises it is all about locking your focus and your mind so that you don’t get distracted by your surrounding environment. For this a good exercise is to see how much your mind can retain. Start by drawing a small geometric figure or any one word writing, maybe in a stylized font or just a simple picture. Color the diagram or write with a colored pencil. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. While doing so clear your mind of all the thoughts, anything from 2 seconds back to last night. Then stare at your object of focus till you get every nook and cranny settled in your mind. Now close your eyes and visualize the same. The exercise is to see how long you can retain just the focused object without other thoughts. Try extending the time.

The mirror recreation:

concentration exercises4

This is a great physiological if not a brilliant concentration exercise. it starts with you, because in the end it is you who  can control yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and draw a mark or eyes right parallel to your eyes. Keep staring at the eye for as long as you can warding off any unnecessary though. Concentrate on the eyes and imagine it to be a person in itself. You can also try this without the mark. Just stare back at your own eyes and imagine the various things that set you apart as a being. Your goods and your bad. All this time maintain focus on your eyes. You can even practice deep breathing as it gives you a serenity and soothing feeling.

Smell power:

concentration exercises5

This is a great mind body coordination where the person needs to concentrate on the source of the smell. Usually this is where your eyes are closed and tied so that you have no visual. Sit on a chair and ask someone to place something that eludes a smell, might be a fragrance, a delicious dish or may be something foul. Concentrate on the smell and try to identify the object. Then try to identify the direction. All this while you keep your focus on just the smell.

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