Cleopatra Beauty Tips and Secrets

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The epitome of beauty,  the scandalizing face that ensnared many a men folk, the ravishing beauty with the ruling throne adorned and haloed to perfection by her majesty, the great Cleopatra is known many a decades after her death, not only as a strong female pharaoh of ancient Egypt but also for her beauty, the one that made her envious yet a strong bodiment of respect.

Cleopatra beauty secrets

Cleopatra however may have ensnared quite some men and kings in her days but for us it is quiet a difficult job to maintain the same. So take a cue from the flawless queen about her secret ways and maybe you can too ensnare some.

Milk Bath:

This is known worldwide. Cleopatra was known for her famous milk baths which in modern days is available in your nearby salon or spa. Milk filled with vitamin A and E makes our skin soft and supple. With an added benefit of antiseptic, milk can actually cure you of heat rashes or itchiness and irritation in the skin because of its calming effect on people. This also has skin tightening properties that would fight away the wrinkles for her and can do that for you too.

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Honey is yet another of her various skin care products that she profusely used for a better skin. She would usually use honey in her milk bath along with almond or olive oil along with it. Other days she would put honey on her skin to get her rosy flushed color. She would even incorporate honey in her diet. Honey with its inflammatory properties not only benefits the skin but also the inner body functions.

Her Face Regime:

She might be the mighty pharaoh of Egypt, but every woman succumbs to their own beautification methods when it comes to making themselves look good. Back then, natural products were the only rescue to your beauty cries and Cleopatra answered to them all. She used to put honey and milk on her face to make her skin bright and glowing with soft bouncy cheeks. She would wash her face many times a day with chalk or lime maybe with a little oil too. sea salt scrub was her natural exfoliator for her skin. she would even at times use rosewater for other troubles.

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Beauty comes with much hassle. You have to maintain it. Make sure you are impeccably good since you are the most beautiful of the women. She used to have rosy cheeks and plump rose lips and guess how she got colors for her lips.  Red ochre mixed with fat would make a paste color which she would use on her lips to make them rosy and lively.

Eye Care:

A black chemical, antimony sulfide was used by her to keep her eyes dark and supple. A woman’s beauty lies in her eyes and Cleopatra made sure she got them just right. People always say highlight your best features and that is why she would use antimony sulfide to darken her eyes and eye-brows as well. she would at times make a mixture of celery and hemp and put in her eyes for its calming and soothing properties.

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Hair Removal:

The pharaoh queen needed everything to be perfect for her and hairy legs were not one of them. So she had her own hair removal technique using natural elements like cucumber for its cooling properties, sycamore juice and essential oils to prevent the skin from damaging or flaking and gum of course for the waxy texture. The surprise element to this is a mixture of boiled and crushed bone of a specific bird that she would mix along with others to make her own organic home wax.


Needless to say, Cleopatra one of the greatest queen of all time was a fashion buff and she would do anything for her priceless self. From her skin to her hair, all were taken care of. She would use olive oil on her hair for soft smooth bounce and eggs for her shampoo. She would later use essential oils or almond and olive oil for the smell. She would even use henna for her hair color and lightening which was the famous form of color back in the days.


Incense was rumored to be burning all day long in her chamber which would give her a pure scent. in natural flowers she always relied on rose and jasmine for her fragrance and at other times, she would use essential fragrant oil in her body as lotion and moisturizer which would take care of the fragrance as well.

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