Top 15 Chennai Tourist Places

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Chennai city is situated at the Coromondal coast of Bay of Bengal. It is fourth largest and one of the prosperous cities of India. It is the capital of Tamil Nadu, and is the fifth most populous city of the country. The city has its own charm, which distinct it from the rest of the megacities of the country. A great blend of tradition, heritage, modern amenities and technology. Chennai is the lively place amidst nature’s blessings. This combination of culture and modern life has made Chennai a very demanded tourist spot.

Top 15 Places:-

1. St. George Fort:

Chennai Tourist Places1

St. George Fort is situated on the banks of Bay of Bengal. It had been built by the British East India Company in 1640 AD. Historically this is supposed to be the first monument established by the British in India. The military architecture is marvelous and it was used as a trading post.

2. Covelong Beach:

Chennai Tourist Places2

Covelong Beach is one of the most well kept and beautiful beaches on the Coromandel Coast. It is located at a distance of 40 km from Chennai. The beach gives the visitors nice picturesque. They take you away from the urban busy life and give you a sense of calm and composed feel.

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3. Marina Beach:

Chennai Tourist Places3

Marina Beach is the longest urban beach in India and second longest in the world. The beach is over 13 km long and is the most popular beach of the city. Visitors come here to get the scenic view and stand against the blowing winds, though bathing and swimming is prohibited. It offers best scenic views of sunset and sunrise and has shops and food stalls all around to make it more worthwhile.

4. Velankanni Church:

Chennai Tourist Places4

The Annai Velankanni Church in Besant Nagar remains open throughout the week. Masses are held in English, Tamil and Malayalam daily. Velankanni Church is among one of the most visited pilgrimage destination from all around the world, and the Chennai church is a part of the Velankanni church group, for all those who can’t make it to the interior town.

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5. Ayyapan Temple:

Chennai Tourist Places5

The Ayyappan temple in Anna Nagar was built by a group of people, who lived together and had decided to build this temple to worship the God they believed in. This temple had started out with a simple and humble establishment but later on became huge and is now a well-known landmark in Chennai. The main idol is the Panchaloka idol of Ayyappan and then there are also of other deities of Ganesha, Anjaneyar, Durga and Muruga.

6. Parthasarthy Temple:

Chennai Tourist Places6

The Parthasarathy Temple is also known as Arulmigu Parthasarathyswamy.  The temple is devoted to Lord Krishna and it holds His incarnation of ‘parthasarathy’, the charioteer for Arjuna in the Mahabharata. The temple is a famous tourist attraction due to the 108 separate places where Lord Vishnu is worshipped. The temple is distinct from other temples as they have a uniqueness with four different incarnations of Lord Vishnu, namely, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Narasimha and Lord Varaha.

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7. Golden Beach:

Chennai Tourist Places7

The Golden Beach is situated at the East Coast Road. The beach borders the Bay of Bengal and it is about half an hour from Marina Beach. It is a resort and it also has an amusement park offering rides like go-karting, water chute, roller coaster, among many others. There are also cultural organized in this amusement park.

8. Senate House:

Chennai Tourist Places8

Senate House of Chennai is situated inside the campus of University of Madras. The location is near to the Marina Beach. The House was built under the supervision of one of the greatest architects of the 19th century which reflects the true architectural marvel and is an incredible building worth seeing to realize the glories of the past.

9. Thousands Lights Mosque:

Chennai Tourist Places9

The ‘Thousand Lights Mosque’ is a holy place for all the Muslims residing in Chennai. The Mosque is a tourist attraction, which include a lot of non-Muslims to this place because of various reasons like the architectural structure, historical and religious importance and so on.

10. Valluvar Kotam:

Chennai Tourist Places10

Valluvar Kottam is a monument built to pay homage to the great Tamil Poet and Saint Thiruvalluvar. He had written the famous ‘Thirukkural’. The monument is situated at a place where an unused lake existed in past. The monument has been molded like of a temple chariot and contains a lively statue of the poet.

11. St. Thomas Mount:

Chennai Tourist Places11

The commencement of Christianity in India had started by St Thomas. He had spread the ‘Good Word’ of the gospel, among the South Indians. However, some critical circumstances had forced him to take shelter in Little Mount. Later, while he was on his way to Little Mount, which is about 3 km away, he was assassinated and the mount had been named in his memory.

12. Arignar Anna Zoological Park:

Chennai Tourist Places12

Arignar Anna Zoological Park of Chennai had been originally established in 1855. But then it had been shifted to the southern metropolitan area called Vandalur reserved forests in the year 1979. Arignar Anna Zoological Park was officially inaugurated for the public in 1985. The zoological park covers an area of about 510 hectares and is one of the biggest zoo’ in south-east Asia.

13. Kapaleeswarar Temple:

Chennai Tourist Places13

The Kapaleeswarar Temple in Chennai is an ancient and revered temple of Mylapore. The tower of the complex building is peculiar to all representative specimens and shows us the Dravidian architecture. It has been devoted to Lord Shiva and the temple contains some beautiful sculptures, among which the bronze idols of 63 Saivite Saints have been decorated in the outer of the courtyard and are absolutely exclusive to see.

14. War Memorials:

Chennai Tourist Places14

To explore the heroic past of India you must visit the War Memorial of Chennai. The memorials are made in honor of those soldiers who laid their lives for the welfare of the nation as well as those who died as martyrs while serving the country.

15. Elliot’s Beach:

Chennai Tourist Places15

Elliot’s beach is situated towards the south of Marina Beach. Elliot’s Beach is one of the cleanest beaches and is calm and serene place amidst the hustle bustle of the city. The beach is called as ‘Bessei’ by the natives.

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