Top 9 Celebrity Tattoo Designs for Men

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There are many celebrities in today’s world who like tattoos and who sport them with a lot of grace. These celebs may be your favourite actors or favourite sportspersons. You ought to have come across many of them. If you are looking to get a celebrity style tattoo on your arms or on your body, then this list of our favourite top 9 celebrity tattoo design ideas s sure to give you some ideas.

Let us check out the top 9 different types of celebrity tattoos on your favourite men celebs.

1. Channing Tatum’s Tattoo:

men Celebrity tattoos

Channing Tatum is a favourite actor of many people. He is a very sought after star in today’s acting world. He also has quite a few tattoo designs on his body. In this picture 2 good tattoo designs are very prominent. One is on the lower side of his forearm and the other is on his upper arm. This is a black and skin coloured tattoo of the American flag and is quite a favourite amongst many men.

2. The Rock’s Tattoos:

men Celebrity tattoos2

Dwayne Johnson who is also known to the world as “The Rock” has upper arm tattoo designs which are dense and very stylish. If you are looking for some nice ideas on upper arm tattoos, then Celtic tattoo designs can be a nice choice for you. You can make this on your whole arm depending on your choice or you can keep this limited to your upper arm. However, you can have coloured tattoos as well.

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3. Mark Wahlberg’s Tattoo Left Arm:

men Celebrity tattoos3

Mark Wahlberg has a face tattooed on his left arm. On his chest too he has a design tattoo. Did this give you some inspiration?

4. De Niro Tattoos:

men Celebrity tattoos4

This is a shot from the film “Cape Fear” and here you can get ideas of some De Niro tattoos.

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5. Johnny Depp’s Tattoos:

men Celebrity tattoos5

Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors in the Hollywood. He has quite a few tattoos on his body and they are quite interesting. Small designs with a lot of intricate works on them which makes them quite the show! Are you looking for heart and Red Indian tattoos ideas? Then this can be a good inspiration for you.

6. Mark Wahlberg’s Tattoo Right Arm:

men Celebrity tattoos6

Mark Wahlberg who has been seen in a lot of movies lately, and is one of the most sought after actors these days, is not left behind n the tattoo race. He has a lovely shadow tattoo with the initials of his own name with his last name tattooed overriding it. This can be a good idea for an arm tattoo. You can do this on your back as well depending on your choice.

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7. Steven R. McQueen’s Tattoo:

men Celebrity tattoos7

Steven R. McQueen also known as Jeremy in the famous series “The Vampire Diaries” shows off his upper sleeve bird tattoo design in this picture. He also has some associated tattoos to go with this. If you are a fan of this TV series then you surely know Jeremy. So if you are looking for simple tattoos which are small but very stylish to look at, then try bird tattoos or similar designs.

8. Ryan Gosling’s Tattoos:

men Celebrity tattoos8

Ryan Gosling has quite a lot of tattoos on his body. Different designs and different creative shapes can be done if you are comfortable with tattoos all over your body.

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9. David Beckham’s Tattoos:

men Celebrity tattoos9

This guy’s surely got a lot of tattoos all over his body. His wife Victoria Beckham too has quite a few tattoos.

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