Top 9 Bob Haircuts with Bangs

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Are you comfortable in wearing a boob? If you are worried with your thin or medium hair, then bob makes you look stunning. If you have a nice jaw line then you will definitely look great in bob. Some of the different bob haircut bangs are as follows:

1. Ruby Red:

Ruby Red

This beautiful bob will surely get you attention wherever you go. With the ruby red highlights, you need to place the fringes around your face. This gives you a soft look. You can wet the hair and apply a root lifter to give volume on the crown. Then apply some smoothening serum. Then blow-dry the hair starting from the bottom. When hair is completely dry, you can run a polishing crème through the strands to add shine.

2. Peek a Boo:

Peek a Boo

You won’t be able to stop the admiring glances with these bangs. You should cut out the fringe, keep the edges blunt and get a coppery hue. This hairstyle would surely exudes confidence and make you steal the show.

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3. Cleopatra Look:

Cleopatra Look

You can look like Queen Cleopatra with the blunt bob. To get this dazzling hairstyle, you need to apply smoothening serum on damp hair. Then blow dry the hair starting with the bangs. Once the hair is dry, you can use a flat iron to smooth the strands from roots till the ends. Then apply smoothening serum to make it glossy.

4. Curly Beauty:

Curly Beauty

You can look hot with this curly bob style. You will attract attention with the full fringes.

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5. Simple and Sexy:

Simple and Sexy

This tapered hairstyle would surely make anyone die for. You can look trendy without giving much effort. A short layered bob with side swept bangs would make you look fresh.

6. Pastel Princess:

Pastel Princess

This pastel colored blonde adds a definite character to the basic bob and bangs. You will certainly be a show stopper with this hairstyle. You can apply a straightening crème to the damp hair and then blow dry it with a rounded hair brush. Once the hair is completely dry, you can run a flat iron to smooth any stray strand. Then add pomade in small quantity through the hair to add shine and detail.

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7. Flirt with Fringes:

Flirt with Fringes

You can add pops of colors to your chin length bob. This adds spunk on your appearance. These flirty fringes give you a sophisticated office look along with a sassy appearance for the evening party.

8. Long Layered Bob:

Long Layered Bob

This long layered bob gives you a classic look. The soft textured fringe blended with subtle highlights make you a trend setter.

9. Waves for Beach Babe:

Waves for Beach Babe

You can get a look of beach beauty with this full-fringed hairstyle. You can highlight some strands and add pep to your every step.
These hairstyles are suitable for any hair type and face shape. You can now look stunning by trying out each one.

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