Top 9 Blunt Bob Haircuts

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Do you have short hair? Are you interested in flaunting your locks in a classic bob style that can turn many heads? You can customize the bob style to complement your personality and character. You can try out different styles to bring out different personalities. You can be the girl next door or a rocker with attitude or even the ultramodern trendy woman, with these different hairstyles. Some top blunt bob hairstyles that can help you make a statement are as follows:

1. Red Raven:

Blunt Bob Haircuts1

This haircut gives you maximum sleek look. You can make the short bob fall subtly past your chin, with tapering and rounding layers surrounding the perimeter. These simple but stylish bangs accentuate your look with a red color. You would look rocking in this haircut. You just need to part the hair on one side and detangle. Then using a paddle brush, just blow-dry the hair. Then bevel the levels around your face. After the hair is dry, you can use flat-iron to get the straight and sleek look.

2. Creamy Pie:

Blunt Bob Haircuts2

To get this haircut you should make it swoop down into a curving front. Long bangs of locks help to accentuate the soft curve around your face. You can highlight the sweet subtleness with a beige color. After shower, you need to detangle the hair using a comb. Then part it to the side. Using a brush you should blow-dry your hair and make sure that the hair is totally moisture free. Then bevel the hair ends to create a sleek look.

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3. Vamp Look:

Blunt Bob Haircuts3

This classic styled bob lets you boast with a naughty vamp look. You can part the strands on the center and make the length fall around. The length should pass the chin and fall just above the shoulders. Highlight with a natural copper color and get the stunning look.

4. Platinum Ice:

Blunt Bob Haircuts4

You would look stunning with this straight bob. You need to make the bangs shorter at the back and longer in the front. This makes you look chic.

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5. Berry Bob:

Blunt Bob Haircuts5

If you have dark brown colored hair, you can accentuate it by adding pops of wine or cherry highlights. Adding colors to your bangs creates a dramatic statement. This blunt bang will give a vintage feeling. This style looks best on thick haired girls.

6. Smooth and Sleek:

Blunt Bob Haircuts6

You can make the thick bangs fall toward the eyes. This makes a mysterious and beautiful style. You can angle the sleek sides toward your face and make the hair fall right past your chin. You can highlight the hair with a dark brown color. This gives a spicy result.

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7. Wavy Bob:

Blunt Bob Haircuts7

You need to have this short bob just above the chin. You need lot of wispy layers to create softness around the chin. You can highlight your hair with a blend of brown and red colors. A slight central part gives you a balanced look. This works wonder for those who doesn’t want to have bangs.

8. Whispering Shorts:

Blunt Bob Haircuts8

You can look flirty and fun with some locks dancing around the face. You should let the length of hair fall up to the chin. You can highlight the hair with a couple of colors, to create a swirling effect. You can make the parted bangs fall over the forehead.

9. Chocolate Delight:

Blunt Bob Haircuts9

Chocolate colored brown gives you a healthy glow. You can stack the layers of strands at the back and make the longer locks fall in the front along the jaw line. The shorter layers give volume to your face while the side-swept bangs give you a softer look.

You can experiment with different style by thinking out-of-the-box and make heads turn your way, wherever you go.

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