Top 15 Latest Black Hairstyles 2018

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You would have seen celebs like Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce and Zoe Saldana flaunt such amazing hairstyles. You might also have asked yourself as to what these hairstyles might be called. Black hairstyles, i.e., hairstyles popularised by the black people, have always made us swoon over them. Ranging from really short hair to really long tresses, black women have sported various hairstyles that are beyond definition.

Among the popular celebs, Rihanna is known for her edgy hairstyles. She has flaunted most the beautiful hairstyles that anyone could ever imagine. Being the beautiful bombshell, every single hairstyle that she has tried has never seemed to fail her. Rihanna is mostly known for her attempts with short hairstyles, although she has also sported many medium length hairstyles as well.

Following close behind is singer Beyonce. Beyonce however has managed to carry hairstyles that are usually long and beautiful. Her long beautiful shiny locks would be an object of envy to any woman. From curls to weaves to perfectly straight looks, Beyonce has stolen the show many times with her gorgeous tresses. If one were to notice, we could see that this beautiful lass, has mostly worked a lot with streaks, highlights and accents.

Here are some of the black hairstyles that you could try, so that the next time when you meet a stylist you know what black hairstyle you would like to go for.

1. Protective Braids:

Latest Black Hairstyles 1

If you would like to make your hair seem straight and natural, then braid should be the hairstyle you should go for. Braids give the illusion of perfectly straight locks and also prevent your hair from losing its natural texture. Braids are also a rave among men.

2. Spring Smooth Curls:

Latest Black Hairstyles 2

Mostly women prefer to have more volume at the crown. These curls give more volume to the ends of your hair. With this hairstyle the crown would seem to have less volume, but stunningly silky well shaped curls would give more bouncy and shiny appeal.

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3. The Rainfall:

The Rainfall

This is a classic short hairstyle. The tresses are usually short and silky. The hair is perfectly straight and gently skims the eyes. The hairstyle is best suited for girls who would like to show draw more attention to their eyes.

4. Spring Corkscrew Curls:

Spring Corkscrew Curls

Spring curls are one of the most popular hairstyles among black women. The hairstyle is called so since the locks look like very similar to that of a spring. The springs give the hair a more voluminous look and are mostly of shoulder level.

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5. Short Hair with Flips:

Latest Black Hairstyles 5

Flips are short hairstyles where the hair looks like it is given a very curled effect. The hair looks neat and bouncy. The haircut is very elegant and is best suited if you would like to experiment with hues and textures.

6. Coal Black Ringlets:

Coal Black Ringlets

This haircut is extremely short hairstyle. The hair is short at the sides and little longer at the top. The style also helps to experiment with the textures of the hair. The hair on top can be made into coal black ringlets. Further, when the hairs on the sides grow back, you could get them into ringlets as well.

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7. The She-Devil Look:

The She-Devil Look

Popularise by the gorgeous Halle Berry, She Devil is a variant of the pixie hairstyle. The short tresses are randomly worked in such a way that they stick out in different angles, making it seem slightly devilish because of which the hairstyle is named.

8. Curly Weaves:

Latest Black Hairstyles 8

Beautiful curls and luxurious weaves are versatile and perfect hairstyle for black women. The hair has a slightly messy look and is raised at the roots to give that lifted up feel at the crown. Girls with long hair can flaunt this gorgeous hairstyle by letting their hair loose.

9. Braided Crown Updo:

Braided Crown Updo

Girls with long silky smooth hair could best go for this hairstyle. A neatly pulled back hair knotted into a bun on the crown is sure to draw the attention of many people. A lovely braid around the bun would add more glam to the look.

10. Outward Weave:

Outward Weave

Weaves look amazing on long gorgeous flowing hair. Hair weaves are easy to set with a few simple hair products. They can be let loose and can look absolutely appealing during any time of the day. This look is simply versatile. The style can be worn for casual hangouts or even evening parties.

11. Absolutely Straight Strands:

Absolutely Straight Strands

Though curls and weaves are trendy, there is nothing more admirable than sleek, smooth and straight hair. With flat irons being an easy option, getting this complete straight hair look has become much easy to do at home.

13. Retro style:

Retro style

A retro short hairstyle can ooze oodles of glam. Not only is it easily maintainable, but also a very versatile style that could be both casual and formal. The slight waves just add more texture, and seem to give and extra volume to the hair.

13. Asymmetric Bob:

Asymmetric Bob

If you are someone who likes to have bob hairstyle, then asymmetrical bobs are the best ones to go for. It gives a very sleek and dramatic feel. There are many asymmetrical bobs, like A-line bobs. You could also add side bangs to make your hair stand out. These bobs help to define the frame of the face.

14. Laconic Style:

Laconic Style

This style is best suited for girls with oval face shape. They require absolutely minimal maintenance and styling. If you are someone who likes to keep their hair absolutely short, then laconic style would be the best one for you. It also gives a slightly androgynous look.

15. Long Front Bangs:

Long Front Bangs

Bangs are a common style among women. Bangs are very versatile that they suit hair of any texture and length. Be it wavy, curly of perfectly straight, you could never go wrong with bangs. Perfect long front bangs that graze the eyes are one of the best bangs to go for.

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