15 Gorgeous Plumeria Flowers with Pictures

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Plumeria also known as leis is a beautiful flower found in the tropical regions especially Mexico and Hawaii. The flower is fleshy and succulent and the people of Hawaii use the Plumeria flower to create garlands which are also known as leis. The leis are used by Hawaiian people as a means of greeting new visitors or during a wedding. You will most commonly see leis around the necks of Hawaiian dancers while they perform dances local to the Hawaiian community. Foreign visitors are greeted into hotels and resorts with leis which is made out of plumeria flowers.

Plumeria Flowers

Along with the rich beauty and fragrance the flowers also come in a large variety of colors such as white, green, pink orange red, etc which further elaborate how perfectly beautiful these flowers are. The primary season for a boom in growth for a plumeria flowers is during summer as a dry climate is suitable for this Plumeria plant to grow, but this flower is durable and can be grown in other seasons as well making it an ideal garden flower for any household.

15 Gorgeous Plumeria Flowers with Their Meanings:

Especially The flower Plumeria is used as arrangements in Temples used for worship the god, There are a few plumeria flowers that are truly one of a kind in either beauty, fragrance, color and so on, Here are some of the Plumeria Flowers are mentioned along with their Information.

1. Plumeria Alba:

plumeria flowers1

This plant is native to the land of Puerto rico and has deciduous leaves. The plant is very fragile therefore it breaks very easily that means it can break even at the slightest touch. The flowers are pink with a white centre. The flowers have a strong and very soothing fragrance which makes it the top of the list.

2. Plumeria Obtusa (Singapore White):

plumeria flowers2

This flower is pure white with a slightly yellow centre. The flower blooms with great leisure as it can grow at any time of the year. This flower is native to the Bahamas and requires moderate maintenance if you are growing this plant in your garden. There is no worry as to when is the best month for growth as the plant thrives throughout the year.

3. Plumeria Stenophylla:

plumeria flowers3

This is a dwarf of the plumeria family and the shrub grows to a height of just 15 cms. But the flowers that this plant has are extremely fragrant and spread quickly throughout the area where the plant grows. This variety of plumeria is available in colors ranging from white to cream.

4. Plumeria Pudica:

plumeria flowers4

This plant is native to Colombia and Venezuela. The plant is semi evergreen that is grows abundantly the first six months of the year and withers away in the next therefore making it a semi evergreen plant.

The primary shade of this flower is white and cream though recently there has been an introduction of pink in the variety of plumeria pudica.

5. Plumeria Rubra:

plumeria flowers5

The plumeria rubra is a fast growing plant which needs a good six Hours of sunlight a day to grow effectively. The flowers are white with yellow centers and red also. The center of the flowers gives off a citrus scent which makes it a very delectable flower to have in your garden.

6. Plumeria Rubra Acutifolia:

plumeria flowers6

This flower is also known or more commonly known as the west Indian jasmine and has very fragrant white flowers with yellow centers that grow on the tip of the leaves. These flowers are native to Mexico and require a vast amount of sunlight every day for sufficient growth.

7. Plumeria Rubra Lutea:

plumeria flowers7

Unlike most of its kin this flower is the opposite of all the other colors. Most plumeria plants have a white color with yellow center but this flower is yellow in color with a white center, making it a unique flower of this variety. It is a resistant plant and can grow all year round.

8. Plumeria India:

plumeria flowers8

The deep red veined petals of this flower grow on stunning dark leaves that grow to almost 3 and a half inches long. The plumeria India emits a sweet soft fragrance that soothes your senses. This flower is used in many aromatherapy sessions around the world.

9. Plumeria Rubra Tricolor:

plumeria flowers9

These flowers are yet again white with yellow centers or red with outer rims, but what sets this plant apart is the fact that though it is so hardy its leaves and stem is extremely fragile, as it is a deciduous plant the slightest touch may cause the plant to crumble thus utmost care is required when planting.

10. Plumeria Stenopetala:

plumeria flowers10

It is a hybrid plant and is one of the most unique plumeria flowers available on the planet. The flowers are spider like shaped and can range from a variety of different colors the most common being white.

11. Plumeria Tuberculata:

plumeria flowers11

This flower is more ornamental and is seen in abundance in households in Mexico and Hawaii, the flowers are thin and have long petals and the plant has elongated leaves. The plant is an evergreen shrub thus it can be planted in all seasons.

12. Plumeria Caracasana:

plumeria flowers12

This is the largest of the plumeria plant species and the flowers are of exceptional beauty. The petals bend at the tip giving it a more curved look. It is well known for its strong fragrance and is used in many aromatherapy sessions worldwide especially in Hawaii.

13. Plumeria Quercifolia:

plumeria flowers13

Another white plumeria flower with a yellow centre the plumeria quercifolia has an intense fragrance with fully open flowers. The branches are upright but are extremely brittle and can easily break even at the slightest touch.

14. Plumeria Intense Rainbow:

plumeria flowers14

The rainbow plumeria is well known because of the various colors that reflect off this flower in sunlight. The flower is primarily vibrant pink with gold edges.

15. Plumeria Grove Farm:

plumeria flowers15

This is a unique color variety of plumeria and is primarily purple pink in color with a white center. The plant leaves are smooth and the foliage is bright green.

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