9 Best Bangle Mehndi Designs

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Indians have a rich culture, some elements that make up the traditional outlook and some that form a traditional outlook. For example, bangles; Just like a bracelet only firmer in shape and structure, bangles form a part and parcel of our cultural attires. It’s like a must go accessory with the traditional saree or lengha choli. These bangles too come in different patterns and colors and designs and taking a cue from all that gorgeousness, bangles now have been incorporated into mehndi art designs too. After all whatever it takes to carry on the culture.

The Thickened Bangle:

bangle mehndi designs

The simplest of the all carries around the best of the mehandi designs. The more simple it is, the more splendid will it be.  The mehndi art starts from the base of the wrist, thick and beautiful designed as if ornamented by the simplest of the designs. The floral artwork peeking from above the bangle form looks beautiful with the added zipper design crawling down the finger.

Precision at the Best:

bangle mehndi designs 2

Whenever there is artwork involved precision and skill go hand in hand. One without the other can never go well and good. In this close up of a bangle designed mehndi art, you can see how precisely perfect the strokes of art work is. While the semi chakras curling up in the middle forms the bangle part of the artwork, the beautiful creeper leaves look mesmerizing above.

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The Black Beauty:

bangle mehndi designs 3

On a backdrop of milky creamy complexion, a gem of a design has been made beautiful and at the same time sober and humble. Let’s start with the ring patterns on the fingers which goes down to form an elongated patterned DNA structure until the main attraction, the bangles are reached. Enclosed underneath the bangle pattern looks amazing.

The Hearts and the Bangles:

bangle mehndi designs 4

Extensively designed and looking the best it can, in this bangle mehndi design a beautiful wound up flower has been drawn through a bull’s eye pattern. All these flowers have been done flawlessly precise and handsome, forms a temple like structure on the above.

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The Extravagant Show:

bangle mehndi designs 5

Apt for a wedding night décor, one can easily take a cue from this to spice up their traditional Indian wedding attire. We have always been extravagant when it came to being pretty in molded gold adorning our shimmering body. here once again working with a lot of elements, the palm deigns portray some zigzagging patterns while the bangles start from the fore arm, plural in number as each depicts a new design.

The Pixilated Bangle:

bangle mehndi designs 6

as of course our main focus in this article today are bangle art works but let us take some time out to appreciate the precision of the finger henna art with beautiful net pattern somewhere in one of the finger. Beyond that is the simple golden hued pixilated bangle art form with beautiful flowers and shaded leafs at the background.

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The Netted Pattern:

bangle mehndi designs 7

it starts with simple flower patterns in the palms that trace down to the bangles that is the main attraction of the hand piece. A little triangular in the ending, this bangle is kept to the minimum with a simple net pattern and a floral design at the end.

The Pretty Cloves:

bangle mehndi designs 8

Once again here is a beautiful picture drawn through the precise mehndi arts where the bangle design comprises of pretty cloves stuck in a netted pattern. There are subsidiary designs to accentuate the bangle pattern which include the traditional floral with like strokes forming haphazardly elegant designs.

The Scribbler:

bangle mehndi designs 9

Here is yet another bangle design but what makes it different than the rest is the subtle scribbles that form the end of the bangle which looks beautiful in that golden tint.

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