Top 9 Banarasi Sarees

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A white and flowing gown and men in tuxedos just don’t sum up a happy Indian wedding. Being lovers of extravagance, we always make sure that one wedding eve is filled with glitters and glams, shimmers and jewels and so on. When we think of Indian what is that one piece of attire we all die for? The traditional all Indian saree; A saree is a simple piece of clothing wrapped around the body in a traditional way so that a beautiful one piece garment is created. Now the special saree for the weddings is what we term Banarasi.

The classic red:

banarasi saree1

Wedding is extravagant, wedding is wonderful, wedding is lustful and when we say lustful,  the classic red worn and adorned in the Indian weddings are remembered. Red is always the mist certain color you would catch during an Indian wedding and therefore from the age old tradition here is a classic red banarasi saree with a deep green embroidered border line. The entire saree is dazzled by golden luster embroidery of flowers and conch shell patterns.

The serene white:

banarasi saree2

Next to red, one of the precious colors that can be announced as one of the most tranquil and sober is none other than the pearly white. White is that one color that would suit you for every occasion and if you are the bridesmaid to the bride, here is what your wardrobe should look like. A beautiful contrast has been created on white by a beautiful golden embellishment across the entire cloth.

The go green:

banarasi saree3

Yet another great color to flaunt in your benarasi fabric is the emerald green, sparkling and dazzling. Emerald green, a deep rich green is the hue of the fabric in this and from one look of it its is evitable that this saree indeed is a very speechless piece with a soft caramel borderline. The entire of the emerald cover is filled with embroidery also of caramel tone and therefore here is one of the greatest choices for you.

The hot in pink:

banarasi saree4

Striking combination always make a lasting impact and here is one such time when you would simply fall in love with your saree. This is more of a fancy saree where the best of the colors, the black being the base is portrayed. Now black is one color that you can always rely on and you would know the best how much a shade pretty and lighter than black would go with the base. Here borderlined with pink and embroidered in silver here is a grand new choice.

The sober white:

banarasi saree5

This saree is not much of a party look as much as this is of a sober look, you know the ones you would like to flaunt in a temple? The enthralling white saree is actually a real simple white banarasi fabric with a twist to it that shows an intricate artwork of laces etched on it.

Black and caramel:

banarasi saree6

Here is another of the classic benarasi saree made of yet another black base. We have already previously discussed how black, a midnight color looks simply perfect on lighter shades and therefore here is one of with a caramel mocha look. On a closer look, the caramel looks pretty awesome with the floral and vines.

The puja morn:

banarasi saree7

The festivals are closing in and if you are still wrecking your wardrobe searching for the perfect saree to flaunt here is a great idea. A sober and chic black and pink benarasi for the best of the morning looks.

The red dazzlers:

banarasi saree8

Here is another of the classic red benarasi dazzling with its embellished and bejeweled borderlines. The saree in a lust full red is simple with the pallu of it sporting some extensive glimmering designs.

The benarasi gold:

banarasi saree9

Now the last of the list ended with a bang when this golden leafed and vined floral artwork with a beautiful black basing.

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