Top 10 Causes of Bad Breath

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Bad Breath is not only a huge embarrassment in public but also one of the reflections of low health conditions in most of the people. Usually the definition of bad breath is an unpleasant smell coming from the mouth that makes nose twitch around us. While standing in public, bad breath can be experienced by others when you talk and this leads to a major dent in the rapport and personality. One has to understand that treating bad breath is very important whether it is temporary or chronic. However, before you can adhere to treatments, it is best to be completely aware of the causes that are associated with bad breath.

Causes of Bad Breath

To know more about this, check the guide below that has all the top notch causes mentioned for broadening your horizons. It is bound to help you in the long run where curing and preventing bad breath is concerned.

1. Certain Foods:

There are some foods that we have in the routine diet that has a strong taste and smell and easily leads to foul breath. Among such foods, the most common ones comes in the form of garlic, onion and more. Tobacco and alcohol are also a part of this list.

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2. Medications:

According to professionals, there are some form of medications that has bad breath as a side effect on the body. In fact, aspirin and antidepressants are some medicines that dries the mouth and leads to the same.

3. Skipped Breakfast:

Having breakfast early in the morning helps in removal of bacteria from the mouth as well as stimulates the production of saliva in the mouth. Both these helps in removing foul smell from the mouth in an easy way. In case where you skip the breakfast, it becomes a cause for bad breath.

4. Unhygienic Ways of Cleanliness:

It is important to clean the teeth and the mouth of the build in plague at least two times in a day to ensure that it does not lead to bad smell. Along with this, flossing and mouth washing is also important. In case, we skip the cleaning process of the mouth, it can lead to the crisis.

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5. Certain Illnesses:

Bad breath can a lot of times be a result of problems inside the body in the form of diseases and ailments. Among them, GERD is one illness that leads to the problem. Diabetes can also be an example of such illnesses.

6. Smoking:

A simple bad habit like smoking can instantly lead to issues of bad breath. This is especially for people who are chain smokers who start having ailments of chronic bad breath.

7. Mouth Infections:

Any kind of infectious diseases or problems in the mouth can be a root cause of bad breath. Periodontal gum disease is one of the main examples that deserves to be mentioned here.

8. Respiratory Tract Problems:

Some of the respiratory situations like stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, cold and swollen lymph nodes are the reasons why a lot of people suddenly experience bad breath.

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9. Dryness in the Mouth:

When people experience dryness in the mouth for a long time and a burning sensation as well then it usually leads to bad and unpleasant smell from the mouth. This makes it one of the known causes for the problem that needs a mention here.

10. Fasting and Dieting:

When a person is fasting or dieting, the body starts producing some chemicals called ketones because of lack of food in the body. These ketones are breathed out in the breath leading to bad smell.

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