6 Best Back Strengthening Exercises

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Back Strengthening You need a strong back to maintain a proper balance and have a good posture. Exercises which are designed to strengthen our back and tone our back muscles help to keep a lot of injuries prevented. The back exercises not only include the strengthening exercises but it’s also important to practice the stretches to yield the best results.

Front Plank: Low plank pose The front plant exercise will help your will be like a workout to the abs and also strengthen the quadriceps, glutes and shoulders. This protects the lower back from injury and strain. Lie down on your stomach and start rising up onto your elbows and toes. Your spine should be straight and your head and neck in line along with your back. Your shoulders should be directly above your elbows. Now start pulling your stomach in tight and the hips should be down. Hold it for 30 seconds and do it twice initially.

Chest Raises:

Chest Raises This is a pretty advances back exercise and everybody cannot do it. Lie down on your stomach and be safe and careful to try this. As you lay on the floor, put a pillow under your stomach as that would make it easier for you to life the head. Put the shoulders back and slowly start lifting your head and chest. Keep your eyes down and look on the floor as you slowly count 5. Come back to lying down and rest for 2 seconds and then repeat till your body allows you to.

Side Plank:

Side Plank Side plank exercise is followed by the front plant. It is known to build up the over-all strengthening of your body. The oblique abdominal muscles are helped to improve with this exercise. Lie down on one side and let one foot be on top on another. Keep your elbow under the shoulder and push up onto the forearm. Your body’s posture should be in a straight line from shoulder to toes. Hold the posture for 30 seconds and then relax. Turn to the opposite side and repeat. Do it in 3 sets.

Bridge: bridge pose The bridge exercise helps to make our body strengthen from all rounds. When you do the back bend, it helps you to release stress and when you balance you gain stability and prevent injuries. So now to start off, you need to lie on your back and let your feet fall flat on the surface. The hips should be width apart and arms relaxed by the side. Squeeze the gluteal muscles as you lift the hips up, and create a straight line from your knees to chest. Remember that both the knees need to be parallel. Hold this posture and count 3 and then slowly come back to the surface. Do it 5 times and then increase to 10 later.

Extensor Muscles Exercise:

Extensor Muscles Exercise Stand straight and place a ball at the upper back resting it on the wall on the other side. Keep the feet away from the wall for a proper balance. Push it hard with feet and let the legs be pressured against the ball. You’re the spine, hips and knees should be in the same position. Hold this position and count 5 and then relax. Keep repeating until you feel that your leg muscles are tired enough to now wear our anymore. Slowly increase the repetition, day by day.

Cow Stretch:


Cow Pose Get up on your hands and knees and push your chest towards the floor. Now try lifting your head up and then alternate the stretch by arching you back and by keeping the head down. Lean back on the heels and hold the posture. Keep your arms extended.

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