Ayurvedic Diet Secrets

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The discipline of ayurveda states that our body is made up of either of three doshas- vata, pitta, or kapha. We can be healthy only if we can successfully strike a balance between the three elements. You should according to the problems prevailing in your body. Your diet should be soothing and healing. If you have tendency of becoming dehydrated quickly, heal it with a vata-balancing diet, if your body becomes too heated quickly, fix it with a pitta-balancing diet and if you have too much moisture activity in your body fix it with a kapha-balancing diet. Apart from such body specific diets, there is a general detoxification diet as well,

Why an ayurvedic diet?

Ayurvedic diet

Detoxification is beneficial to your body. It helps your body to function better, strengthens your immune system. It is lighter on your digestive system. It has a cleansing effect on your entire body. An ayurvedic diet basically detoxifies your system and helps it to function more efficiently

Why do you need ayurvedic detoxification?

In a polluted environment like ours today where we are exposed to various toxins, frequent weather changes, radiations and drastic changes, sometimes it becomes hard for the body to cope up with the natural process of detoxification. A detoxification diet aids the body’s system to flush these toxins out.

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Constituents of the diet:

You have to consume fresh and raw fruits, vegetables, juices for the first three days. Seasonal ones are optimal for this diet. Khichdi, moong dal and sufficient water is all you need for this plan to work. The best part is that you needn’t starve nor deprive your body of nutrients but the diet will yet do its job without any harm.


The duration of this cleansing diet is ten days. After this, slowly go back to your old diet. When you are in the transitional period opt for natural, seasonal and organic food. You can go back on a detoxification diet after three months again.

Benefits of this diet:

The ayurvedic diet improves digestion, makes sleep more effective, improves your skin tone and hair and improves energy level. It relieves you of digestion disorders and gastric issues. It helps the body to deal with the effects of stress and pollution.

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Effects on skin and hair:

Since the diet hardly comprises of any complex components, it gives the body full opportunity to flush all toxins out. This cleansing effect also removes all the toxic elements from the skin and scalp, making it clear and free of rashes or boils. The essential nutrients that are required are fulfilled through the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Meal time:

The timing of your meal is extremely important. Eat at a fixed time every day. Eat the heaviest during the afternoon and eat light for dinner. If you eat too much at night, it puts pressure on the liver and you might wake up all bloated because your body could not digest properly. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.

The consumption of alcohol:

You don’t have to be guilty about drinking a peg once a while. In fact ayurveda says that it is beneficial to your health, if you drink in a limited quantity once a while. It is best if you drink before your meal and do not drink more than two pegs. That’s when it becomes a problem.

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Eligible practitioners:

Since this diet involves neither starvation nor any supplements, people from all age groups can practice this without the fear of it harming your health. Even teenagers and young adults can practice this as it is actually more beneficial for tham as they are the ones most exposed to the polluted environment and other toxins.

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