9 Shocking Pictures of Asin Without Makeup

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Asin Thottumkal is one of the most popular female actresses in Bollywood today with the successes of ready and Ghajini already under her belt Asin is on a roll. Many women in India are jealous of her beauty and constantly search the internet for Asin’s beauty but getting what she has naturally is quite an ordeal.

When people ask Asin what is her beauty secret to get flawless skin and flawless hair she says that natural ingredients are the best way to feel good about yourself.

Using cosmetic products to enhance your looks are harmful to your skin and hair in the long run, and especially Asin is a environmentalist, she is against animal cruelty therefore uses cosmetic products very rarely because it is well known that most cosmetic products are animal tested.

Beautiful Images of Asin Without Makeup:

Given below are ten unseen pictures of Asin Thottumkal no makeup.

1. The Natural Look:

asin without makeup1

Asin looks really pretty in this picture proving that no woman actually requires makeup to cover up the beauty that already exists within them. True beauty is actually your self confidence allowing you to show exactly who you are and what personality you have.

2. The Desi Look:

asin without makeup2

All Asin has on her face in this picture is just a bit of kajal, that is because as you know by now she abhors the use of makeup and only believes in natural products. Asin is very self sufficient and at most times gives off such a positive vibe that it attracts almost everyone in her vicinity.

3. The Selfie:

asin without makeup3

A photo of Asin sitting inside her car, became very popular amongst her fans. Here she looked delightful with a sensual side to it as her face even with the poor image quality never looked bad.

4. All Time Beauty:

asin without makeup4

The secret to Asin’s beauty lies In her lifestyle, follow a healthy diet and workout daily to keep your self fit and automatically will you not only become more fit but your skin will become flawless and you will feel very confident in yourself.

5. The Angel Smile:

asin without makeup5

Asin is also well known for her very angelic smile which she has. Her smile gives off a vibe that by heart she is a very innocent and direct person. She believes in her ideals and knows how to differentiate between good and bad. These are perfect qualities to pair with very beautiful looks.

6. Cuteness:

asin without makeup6

The charm that Asin rocks is not merely sensual or lustful but plain cute. She is cute as a button and there is no denying in that. Here in this picture, Asin looks so beautiful with her flawless skin as it is evitable that her skin has no other flaws.

7. Flawless Skin:

asin without makeup7

This picture is evidence to the fact that because of the mindset and routine that Asin follows everyday she has impeccable skin. In this picture Asin is giving her angel smile which is a perfect blend for her very beautiful smooth and flawless skin.

8. On Shoot Look:

asin without makeup8

Here a candid picture of Asin was shot where she was bare faced without any makeup, though she was taken by surprise she still sported a beautiful smile for the camera.

9. Sober Look:

asin without makeup9

In this picture Asin shows that even in very important moments she can still look beautiful, this picture was taken during one of her interviews for her movie, notice even when she is talking and addressing the camera she still is very beautiful and also notice that the only makeup she has on her face is kajal.

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