Top 9 Asian Tattoo Designs

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Many people like sporting Asian tattoo designs. This is because the Asian cultures like the Japanese and Chinese cultures have their own specific popular symbols and characters.
Here are out top 9 Asian Tattoo Designs.

1. Cherry Blossom and Fonts:

Asian tattoo designs1

You can have a back design like this one. This is an artistic cherry blossom and font tattoo design. If you are comfortable with whole back tattooing then this type of a tattoo is what you will need. You can give some colouring touches to make it look more fabulous instead of simple black ink. You can also do cherry blossoms which are a popular Asian symbol, all over your back starting from the back of your neck down the whole length of your back following the spine.

2. Asian Temple Waterfall:

Asian tattoo design2

If you are looking for something a bit different than normal Japanese or Chinese designs then instead of going for cherry blossoms for the back, you can do some Asian objects and sceneries for the back. This is one such example of a Chinese temple with waterfall, birds and some lotus leafs. You can try coloured tattoos or do something similar like this design with one coloured ink. Proper shadowing is essential for these designs. If the shadowing is not done properly then the design will not come out distinct.

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3. Asian Coloured Design:

Asian tattoo design3

If you are looking to put many different symbols which represent the Asian designs or culture, then you need to give a broad surface area to get such a design done. You can get the symbols of birds, cherry blossom, the fish and similar other 3D designs for your back.

4. Asian Character Designs:

Asian tattoo design4

If you want to include Asian traditional characters and people or simply face of people, then you can have such a design which has a 3D effect to it. The above design can be done in color or simple with shading and a dark chosen ink color. It doesn’t have to be in black. You can choose burgundy or violet colors or orange for the coloration.

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5. Creative Asian Design:

Asian tattoo design5

If you want something in fonts and also which is creative yet different from normal Asian designs, then you can choose fonts along the spine and some associated designs to go with it.

6. Asian Gothic design:

Asian tattoo design6

If you want an upper arm tattoo, you can choose gothic designs if you are comfortable with those. These types of designs can be very artistic and represent types of emotions. You can make these scary with fun element or you can make these alongside other associated designs.

7. Full Back Asian Girl Design:

Asian tattoo design7

If you are going to be sporting a full back Asian design, you need to be sure if you want the character of an ancient or traditional Asian girl drawn. This can be a very artistic thing to do for a back design. Associated fonts and various colors with shadowing can be used.

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8. Asian Dragon Design:

Asian tattoo design8

If you are looking for a side body dragon design, this can be a good example of that. This tattoo will get extended to the upper arm. Are you are willing to get a broad and stretched out design done on your arms and the side of your body? Then this type of Asian designs can be good for that.

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9. Side Cherry Blossom Design:

Asian tattoo design9

This is a side simple cherry blossom design. This will require being quite broad and stretched out. You have to do it in color otherwise the blossoms will not look good.

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