15 Best Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places

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Arunachal Pradesh is a great tourist destination for relaxation. It includes beautiful picturesque of mountains, lakes and monasteries. The geographical diversity has a rare variety of flora and fauna. The state is being recognized worldwide as one of the best biodiversity and heritage spots. It is the only Indian state which has tigers, leopards, clouded leopards and snow leopards from the cat family.

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Top 15 Places:-

1. Bomdila:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places1

Bomdila originally belonged to the Monpa tribes. This is an ideal place for trekking, picnics and eco-tourism destinations.  You could be lucky to watch numerous snow clad mountain peaks from Bomdila including a vague glimpse of Kangto and Gorichen Peaks, which are the highest peak of the state.

2. Tawang:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places2

The highland pass which flows as per the wind leads to a beautiful picturesque valley on its own. This is one of the best tourist attractions of Arunachal Pradesh. The land belongs to 400 year old Tawang Monastery, where the sixth Dalai Lama was born. The monastery has gold lettered copies of sacred Buddhist scripts.

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3. Akashiganga:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places3

Mythologically, when Lord Shiva was frantically doing ‘tandav’ with the corpse of Parvati, Lord Vishnu had cut her body into pieces with Sudharshan Chakra. One of the body pieces had fallen in this area so the place is considered to be sacred. Tourists also get a slight view of the Brahmaputra River far below.

4. Sela Pass:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places4

Sela Pass falls on the way to Tawang. It is the world’s second highest motor-able pass which is 14000 ft high with clear blue waters of a natural lake. The natural beauty of the surrounding landscape feels blissful for nature lovers.

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5. Ziro:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places5

Ziro is a beautiful Apatani plateau, which is surrounded by picturesque of hills on all sides. It is situated at an altitude of 5754 ft. The place consists of lush green forest, rivulets and elevated patches. It is known for paddy-cum fish culture cultivation which is the main tourist attraction from all over the country. The area is known for the terrace paddy fields where poly-culture and water management of the Apatanis is practiced.

6. Parashuram Kund:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places6

As per the ancient Indian mythology, Parashuram was a great saint who had washed his sin of matricide in the bank of the river Lohit. This river was later named Parashuram Kund after him. The best time to visit this place is in January, when the Parashuram Mela takes place.

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7. Along:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places7

Along is situated in a beautiful valley at a junction of Sipu and Siyom rivers. The surroundings have the Verdant hills. Aalo is a very old town and has a strong educational base. The Patum Bridge over Yomgo River, Museum and Donyi-Polo Dere are few popular tourist attractions. It is a beautiful place for trekking, hiking and angling as well.

8. Tezu:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places8

Tezu is a religious place visited by tourists all over the country, especially during the Makar Sankranti day when they come and take a holy dip. It is believed that a dip on the day in the Kund washes away a person’s sins. It is located in the lower reaches of river Dibang and Lohit. Other places to visit here are Hayuliang, Walong , Dong, Hawa Camp, Chowkham and Wakro in Lohit district. People love to go trekking, hikking and kayaking here.

9. Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places9

Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Changlang district. The sanctuary brings in a lot of visitors all over the country and it has been declared as a national park. It is a few kilometers away from Miao. A visit to the Namdapha National Park is quite challenging as it covers a wide range of altitudes from 200 meters to 4,500 meters. The park has diverse flora and fauna and is not very accessible. The majestic gaur or mithun, elephant, Himalayan black bear, the wild goat peculiar to the Patkoi range, musk deer, slow loris, and binturong have their homes here.

10. Bhismaknagar:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places10

Bhismaknagar is located in Dibang Valley district. It is a sacred heritage of the Idu Mishmis. It symbolizes the past glory and points out the high standard of civilization that once prevailed around Bhismaknagar. The excavations of the Chutiyas from 12th-16th centuries have been found here and have been showing new light on its much earlier antiquities. Bhismaknagar stands for the best of the tribal lives of the Aryans. It tells us about the Catholic spirit of the old Indians and the contribution of Idus to the synthetic fabric of Indian culture.


Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places11

Malinithan has old temple site in ruins from the 7 – 8 century. With a series of excavations done here, unearthed a decorated basement of a temple, have been discovered along with icon of deities, animal motifs and floral designs. They also include carved columns and panels which take us back to the times of an unknown past and a new discovery.

12. Jaswant Garh:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places12

Jaswant Garh is a memorial made in honor of Veer Jaswant Singh of the 4th Garhwal Rifles. He was the recipient of the Mahavir Chakra (Posthumous) who was the only person who dared to stop the Chinese Army for 72 hours during the 1962 aggression. This place has patriotic emotions to remember that incident and pay distribute to his bravery.

13. Pasighat:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places13

Pasighat is the oldest administrative center of former NEFA. It is situated on the banks of river Siang, which is the main tributary of Brahmaputra River. It is bounded by snowcapped peaks, rocky mountains and a variety of flora & fauna. This is a very beautiful, calm and composed place and should be a must visit for all nature lovers for peace and serenity.

14. Roing:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places14

Roing shows us a picturesque town in a valley by the Dibang River. Nehru Van Udyan is a forest park on the riverbank at Deopani and has a well maintained garden and orchards. Visitors comes here and see the beautiful orange gardens against the landscape on the way from Roing to Bismaknagar, Baily bridge on Deopani river.

15. Khonsa-Lazu-Wakka-Longding:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places15

This is the land of worrier tribes of Nocte and the Wancho. It is best for those who take interest in knowing about tribal life.

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