9 Beautiful Angelina Jolie without Makeup Pictures

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Angelina Jolie is not only an actress par excellence, but also a film director, a screenwriter and an author. Voted as one of the most beautiful women on earth, she is the winner of

  • One Academy Award
  • Two Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • Three Golden Globe Awards

In tandem to the above kitty, she is also one of the most paid actresses of all times as per the Forbes survey.  Apart from being the best in her craft, this onscreen Lara Croft is known for her humanitarian efforts towards refugees as a Special Envoy and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

A multi-faceted personality, Jolie is known to be the best example of true beauty with a heart of pure gold. Here are some of the best shots of Angelina sans make-up that brighten each facet of her personality.

Unseen Images of Angelina Jolie without Makeup:

Let we have to look at the best Angelina Jolie no makeup photos.

1. The Cancer Survivor:

The Cancer Survivor

The last time she was in the news was because of her sudden mastectomy procedure which was in response to a cancer scare that has plagued her family for decades. A very drastic step which taken post the demise of her beloved aunt who also died of breast cancer. It just highlights her love for her family and loved ones who hold importance over her flourishing career. Truly she is a beautiful human being.

2. The Nerd:

The Nerd

Don’t let these nerdy glasses fool you for behind them lay the eyes of the most potent predator known to men and that is the arresting gaze of Angelina Jolie. Her sexy demeanor is widely attributed to her eyes apart from her bee stung lips. This look is a welcome subtlety that is a sign of graceful ageing.

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3. The Model:

The Model

Seen here in the make up free Louis Vuitton “core values” ad campaign, Angelina has done some notable ads in the modeling career. The most popular being a Rolling Stones music video that got her recognized and lead to what she is today. Seen in her own clothes for this shoot Jolie spends a lot of her time rehabilitating in Cambodia.

4. The Activist:

The Activist

She is not a humanitarian who watches from the sidelines but an activist who moves towards real change. Here she is spotted in the refugee rehabilitation units covered by United Nations with not even an inch of makeup.

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5. The Philanthropist:

The Philanthropist

A compassionate woman exudes beauty from every word and gesture. Angelina Jolie is one such woman and so all that goodness shows in her glowing face even in the midst of those in need, out of sheer joy of helping out another human being. This feeling beats even the most effective concealer.

6. The Hollywood Glam Queen:

The Hollywood Glam Queen

When one is a Hollywood royalty such as Angelina, glamour can’t be too far behind. What’s more is that it is also effortless. Even in the wake of crisis she holds her own as the quintessential Diva.

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7. The Provocatrix:

The Provocatrix

This sexy siren is the most lethal predator known to men. That unabashed attitude and the robust style with a strong dynamic magnetism are not for those who are weak at heart. A bisexual by self admittance, Angelina can’t be ignored by anyone. With all that appeal that bothers about putting any make up.

8. The Mother:

The Mother

The provider for her children, Angelina has always given priority to her family. And so she spends most of her time with them. She is the caring angel to her adopted and biological children. This picture is a unique testimony to that. Such motherly love is the innate beauty of nature, an emotion that is capable of moving mountains.

9. La Femme Fatale:

La Femme Fatale

This is the much popular side of Angelina’s character and probably the most sensationalized. Yet her beauty is intrinsic and unbound by the boundaries of cosmetics and make up. That killer attitude seals the deal.

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