Aishwarya Rai Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

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One of the most powerful and influential Bollywood heroine of all time with an international fame, this Bachchan bahu is the Cleopatra of India with her ravishing looks and smoldering cat eyes. Aishwarya Rai who started off as a small town girl in the movies is now a big famed actress flawless and perfect. There was once this interview I came upon where beau Abhishek Bachchan said there is not even a single time when she looks messed up or bad even when she is fresh out of bed and for that there has to be some tricks up her sleeves.

aishwarya rai beauty secrets

Eat Right:

Being a beautiful mother and a role model to many, Aishwarya keeps her diet in check at all times. She is never a big fan of junk or fast food or as a matter of fact any sort of food that has high fat content or are harmful for her. Instead she sticks to nutrition based food like fresh vegetables or fruits. She would prefer a home cooked meal any day over a restaurant or diner dinner.


A common method for all the beautiful people around the world. Hydrating or keeping oneself hydrated has its own perks. A smooth buttery glowing skin can be achieved easily by just keeping the fluids flowing. This does not only count as water which should cover a major portion but also things like fruit juice or certain beverages from time to time.

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Face Care:

Being a very concerned person regarding her skin, Ash always goes that extra mile to take care of her blessed skin. a face pack now and then or a thorough make up removal after her on screen hours is the basic regime she follows. Yoghurt on her face proves beneficial for her. A great fan of DIYs Aishwarya sometimes prepares a gram flour, turmeric milk paste and at times moisturizes the face deeply. She is above all very much an organic person.

Makeup Tit-Bits:

When not on any occasion or special event Ash usually sticks to as subtle makeup range of earthen colors that accentuate her face and at the same time gives her an airy natural look. Picky with her makeup, Aishwarya makes sure the colors blend in with her natural colors with an nude peachy or earthy lips sometimes adorned by other natural colors.

Secret Diet:

Even though she never was a fitness freak, Aishwarya admits there was a time when she was a regular face on the TV screens and that is when she used to go out for walks and practice yoga. Recently with all her marriage and kids she now has lesser time for herself so she maintains a strict diet. But the secret trick to it is she eats several times a day in bits and pieces rather than a plate full of food. This helps her keep her hunger satiated and so does her weight.

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Morning Ritual:

Since she admits to not being much effective on the work out part she strictly thrives to maintain her proper diet which is all nutrition based food. For some extra work she without failing maintains her morning ritual of detoxifying herself by drinking a mix of honey and lemon with a glass of luke warm water.

Brown Over White:

Ash always prefers brown over white as in brown bread over white bread and brown rice over white rice. Dieting being the only means now to limit herself in her recent years, Aishwarya has taken her food routine very seriously. She always prefers brown rice because the high string content in brown rice satiates your hunger and helps burn the belly fat.

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No Harmful Substances:

Never out of place always dressed to the best, Aishwarya Rai has a secret weapon that helps her grow strong and beautiful with each passing day. That is abstinence from liquor and smoke. She says one will never see her in the act of smoking or drinking since it is bad for the health, something she does not want to sacrifice.

Peace of Mind:

In 1994, Aishwarya Rai was crowned miss world. From then she has now come a long long way with fame and love but her recent post pregnancy days are being harsh on her as everyone is criticizing her about her gained weight. But she calmly says that the peace of mind and lots of attention for baby, Aradhya is all she is focusing on and with a little bit of power yoga she maintains her serenity and at the same time works on her weight.

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