How Aerobics Exercise to reduce Weight?

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Aerobic Exercises

In our weight loss series of articles, we have discussed in detail about variety of methods for losing weight. Those being, diet plans that can be adapted, use of warm water, salads and flax seeds to shed weight. In terms of work outs, we have discussed about walking to lose weight. Alternate treatment modalities like accu pressure and Ayurveda have also been discussed, in their length and breadth. Different people have different preferences, so, to add another great weight loss method to our list, in this write up, I would be talking about Aerobics, the benefits they bestow upon your body and how they ease out weight loss. Read on, to know more..

Aerobics is a name given to those group of those exercise forms that get your heart beat pumping and increase the heart rate within the normal limits. Aerobics could be a form of dance, brisk walk, jogging, cycling etc. All of these are planned and properly structured workouts that can be categorized as cardio vascular exercises. Aerobic exercises involve, large muscle groups and are believed to boost the fat burning machinery of your body.

How is regular practice of Aerobics Useful?

  • This type of exercise helps regulate blood and oxygen supply to all the parts of your body.
  • Since, it pumps up your heart beat, it keeps in keeping your heart strong.
  • Helps control Type 2 diabetes as on working out, the muscles of your body tend to take up the excess sugars from your blood. Thereby, decreasing blood sugar level.
  • Moderate exercises are advocated for people with heart conditions since, physical inactivity and obesity has been considered as chief culprits behind heart attacks.
  • People with high Blood cholesterol and high blood pressure also benefit from Aerobic exercises.
  • Naturally, exercising regularly, increases your stamina and energy levels, too.
  • Aerobics Improve lung efficiency as during aerobics , your body’s oxygen requirements are increased.
  • They lead to an Improved mental health as exercise is believed to release feel good hormones.

How do Aerobics ease weight loss, apart from general health benefits?

Aerobics help in reducing weight by burning fat and calories. Studies say that regular cardio/ aerobic exercises insure that 60% of the calories you burn during a session of exercise, come from fat calories. Also, this helps create a calorie deficit that is essential for Achieving Weight loss.

Types of Aerobic Workouts:

Before describing the types, it is important to know that you can maximize the effect of your aerobic exercises to achieve your desired weight loss target if you start your session with some light stretching exercises and end the session with deep breathing and relaxation exercises. Also, if you are not at all into exercises, your initial few days should not be more than 15 to 20 minutes, you can later keep on adding minutes to your work out on weekly basis and allow your stamina to build up gradually instead of pushing it too far, in a single go.

If you prefer to be indoors, then the best type of aerobic exercises for you would be dancing and skipping a rope. If you would rather practice as a part of a group then you may take up Zumba/ body combat classes.

For outdoors, you may take up anything ranging from brisk walk to jogging to running. You may also opt for swimming,

Working out at a gym with a proper trainer and equipment is another great option. You may workout at a tread mill , an elliptical machine, cross trainers, stairmasters etc. You can alternate between different machines to diversify your workout and also to increase the efficiency of workout. One very important thing to keep in mind is not to push your body too far while gyming. If you experience soreness in your muscles or joints then it is time you switch to easier forms of aerobics.

It is an observed fact that whenever your body falls in a pattern of exercise, it starts responding a bit slowly. Your heart anf lung will not respond that well to a certain exercise after it has fallen into a pattern. So, you should be able to figure out, when it is time to switch and upgrade.So, you can divide days for different exercises or you may switch form of exercise on weekly basis.

Frequency and duration of aerobics session:

Usually, 3 to 5 sessions per week, each lasting for somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes is considered good enough.


I hope, this write up was able to give you some insight about what Aerobic exercises are all about and how are they able to do justice to your overall health in addition to being a great speeding factor in your weight loss programme. However, do not rely on aerobics alone to lose all your extra kilograms.

There definitely have to be some dietary and lifestyle changes along with regular practice of Aerobics. In terms of diet, you have to stay away from toxin laden drinks like: Coffee and alcohol. You also need to ditch the empty calories that are readily available in form of colas, sweets, jellies, jams and sugary drinks.

The more you avoid, any thing that contains preservatives, the better. Include more and more of healthy food and beverages in your diet like, coconut water, warm green tea, buttermilk, fresh / seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also, pay proper attention to the timings and portion size of your meals. Having smaller meals, in 5 to 6 portions a day is considered way better than three heavy meals in a day.

The reason being, smaller meals keep your metabolism kicking all day long and keep your fat burning system active. Also, having meals at proper times regulates the mechanisms of your body better. Right after a meal, stay active and have your dinner at least two hours before retiring to bed. I am sure, if you follow all this along with your regular sessions of Aerobics, you will be able to shed weight in a slow, steady, healthy and permanent way. Like I always say, make weight loss a part of your lifestyle.

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